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April’s energies become even more intense over the next several days leading up to the 4/15 full moon eclipse. Full moons on lunar eclipses typically amplify feelings, inner insights, and personal situations – and this one will be no exception. It will be helpful to do some preparations ahead of time so that you can stabilize and benefit from the positives of this cycle. I’ll go into that more below.

Keep in mind that even people not normally sensitive to moon cycles or eclipses can expect some wake-up call energy or other kinds of jolts. That includes your family members, colleagues, and others you will encounter.

As I’ve been writing about on Facebook, a big reason for the amplification is the overall intense energy of April – with two eclipses and a rare grand cross. That’s a lot to pack into just one month – and remember that we’ve been building towards this juncture since the 1960s.

Even if you don’t usually pay attention to energy cycles, it’s recommended that you take notice now. There are things that you can avoid or at least soften how they impact you. There are also wonderful things that you can tap into, simply by being present and following a few simple guidelines!

Full Moon Eclipse Process

Here is a process you can begin doing now, on 4/15, and throughout next week. As you do the process, you can begin to access more stability, more inner peace, and more clarity about opportunities specific to you.

First, get grounded by focusing on your body and your sacred connection to the Earth. Breathe deeply and intentionally center yourself in your heart chakra. Visualize yourself connecting with your own divine energy and with the support of your spiritual guides. Imagine them there with you.

Second, invite your inner knowing to reveal to you things you need to understand about yourself, key relationships, and your path of spiritual transformation. Knowing that this cycle can be the illumination you have needed to grasp hidden puzzle pieces, ask to be connected with these new insights. Let go of how or when they show up – right now you are simply asking and setting your intention to receive hidden information that you could not access before.

Third, contemplate actions you are considering. Include here actions you feel an incessant desire to do as soon as possible. Ask for inner guidance to confirm timings of these actions. This is important at this juncture of intensity and chaos. You want to avoid needless side trips and having to do course corrections later. This means having clarity before taking key actions that can impact your future. If you cannot confirm the divine timing of your desired actions, consider waiting a bit. Redo’s can cost you much more than the time you think you are saving.

Fourth, since the current energies call for simplifying and letting go, consider what you can eliminate or update to reflect your own changes and desires. Things you put in place years ago, or even months ago, may need updating. Right now, you don’t want to be carrying things that are unnecessary or out-of-date.

Fifth, contemplate what truly drives you forward, motivating you to do what you do. A benefit of this cycle is how it can shed light on feelings and unconscious patterns previously obscured. Ask spirit to help you with a fearless introspection now – it will serve you well. Be open to discovering something new about old buried energies that influence how you are able to express your light and how you experience relationships. Most likely, these things will have a DNA-level component, for this is where both positive and negative tendencies are stored. As you clear these you can become free, not having to repeat dysfunctional patterns in your next relationship or in your life’s work.

Sixth, meditate on the idea that things like intensity, uncertainty, and ongoing change can actually be gifts – not things to be feared or avoided. You are, after all, a divine changemaker, and you were encoded to be alive now and to be sharing this unique juncture with billions of others on this small planet. It is no accident. You have a specific role to play – connecting with your own light within and helping to create a loving world. This is no short order, but you came equipped to fulfill it. Trust this.

Seventh, ask your inner guidance to help you stay out of fear. Do your part on a practical level by turning off the news and your personal “worry channel” of thoughts, especially in the last hour before sleep. You don’t want to take this negativity into your dream state. Ask that you be replenished and refueled during sleep, and that you awaken full of energy and a positive mindset. Visualize these things before sleep nightly.

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