SaLuSa, July 24, 2015

SaLuSa, July 24, 2015

As always so much is taking place on Earth of which you are not directly aware. The outer signs are around you and in general people sense the changes that are taking place. They may not know what they are at this time but they feel the subtle difference in the energies around you. With them is a feeling of the changes that are verging on manifestation, and felt as being very positive. Matters will continue like this and continue to grow until eventually there will be an upliftment that can be felt. Some will nevertheless be unaware, but those of you who have been working to raise your vibrations will without doubt do so. It may well be your first positive feeling of the changes, and we know that many will feel uplifted by what takes place. They shall continue and there will be no going back to the old lower vibrations. Continue reading

Matthew Ward – June 24, 2015


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With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. As information from countless sources pours in, please keep in mind that only some is factual—much is disinformation, misinformation, incomplete coverage, skewed perceptions or uninformed opinions—and that everything that actually is happening is purposeful. This includes teetering or bankrupt economies; protests about injustices; terrorism; weather extremes and natural disasters; massive numbers of refugees; corporate and governmental shake-ups; and yes, even FIFA’s scandalous operation. Everything going on in your world is serving to fulfill chosen karmic experiences or aiding Earth’s return to environmental health or stirring minds that have been stuck in the oblivion of third density’s limitations. Continue reading

ALEXANDRIAN KOSMOS – Road Trip To Ascension – GAIA: Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field on June 24, 2015 – Doorway begins July 6, 2015, – Meet Your Creator within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension – IN PERSON! – 6-22-15

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Alexandrian Kosmos

If you have ever taken a road trip to a distant location by car or bus, you completely understand the itinerary of shifting into the Fifth Dimension on Mother Earth. You will see a sign from time to time reminding you that your intended destination is getting closer. Everyone riding with you is gaining in excitement and enthusiasm for whatever may come ahead. Those in the background servicing the roads, at the fueling stations, and the eateries, are nebulous to you and your party except for the business you might bring in to them.

The itinerary for beginning within Mother Earth’s Fifth Dimension is much closer than things would appear, dear Ones, as Mother Earth begins generating her own Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field on June 24, 2015. With the Fifth Dimension Harmony Vibration Field building upon her, so will the presence of all the potential possibilities now…

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The effort to block the awakening of mankind has never been greater. All those who were chosen to have a role in it are going through extremely difficult times. The Cabal is using AIs to interfere with consciousness. They use mind altering techniques that cause confusion and exhaustion, and thereby slow down the awakening. Interestingly, the Irish people seem to be way ahead of others, as they are DEMANDING ANSWERS. The Irish suffered for hundreds of years at the merciless hands of the Vatican. Throughout their suffering, they were told by the priests to “offer it up” as they struggled to stay alive. The Irish HOLOCAUST, instigated by Rome and the Crown, almost succeeded in wiping the Irish from the face of the Earth. Those who survived those terrible days, did so in the hope that, one day, their people would be free to learn who they are.

All the…

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A Couple of Tolecs, 2 of 2… 6-15-15, “An Era of Increasing Knowledge for the People of Planet Earth. A Major Update”

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tolec_andromeda_council_home_image34This is a very informative article by Tolec that highlights much of the foundational disclosure efforts that have gone forth prior to this now moment. Tolec’s data was personally very helpful to me a few years ago when the DC area was being “earthquake rocked”. In my mind, it is helpful to refrain from playing a “disclosure competition” game, as there are many beings who have been, and are, conveying various “points of/for disclosure”. We are all participants in this.

I will highlight a few points that stood out for me.

“Almost four (4) years ago… I/Tolec… revealed that on going war in outer space between good higher density/dimensional forces of the Andromeda Council, lead by the people of planet Kaena of the Procyon star system, had finally won the war and defeated the Draco & Hydra Reptilians and their strategic partners/allies, Orion ‘Greys’.

“…3,000 high ranking “Cabal” and “Illuminati”…

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Sheldan Nidle – June 16, 2015


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11 Manik, 5 Kayab, 11 Ik

Dratzo! Around this world, a transformation of unprecedented proportions is taking place. The Anunnaki’s minions are being pushed from power in both the world’s governments and its financial system. This amazing process is being preceded by a series of mass arrests and the sudden resignations of key figures in the global banking system. This is being done to correct a process, which has over the last two decades left this world’s financial system in shambles. Those individuals who have immensely profited from a gross series of illegalities are shortly to pay handsomely for their attempt to permanently put your world in an immense power grab that began in earnest with the sudden departure of their former overlords, the Anunnaki. These formerly dark lords had decided en masse to join the Light and be a positive part of the new alliance forged by the declarations of the Anchara continuum to create a new galactic peace. This enabled the Light, at last, to produce a coalition and carry out the ancient prophecies of ArchAngel Michael. Continue reading

Great Things Happening On Our Biosphere!

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International Announcement by Round-Op Alpha; Global Operation for the Arrest of the World Government

Update: June 15, 1:27 pm – Very interesting voting going on. You can see the results immediately after your vote.  ~ BP

I don’t know about you, but I feel like there’s a pressure building up, tighter and tighter, more intense by the day, maybe even the hour, and that at any time things could explode and make a really big mess.

What I attempt to do on this blog is post information that is representative of what is unfolding on our planet. Not all of it is good, of course.

I don’t want to post fear-mongering or purposeful disinfo, but on the other hand, I want to watch what is happening—whether it’s good or bad—because it just IS.

There are all sorts of “warnings” flying around the blogosphere and YouTube now and not all…

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