The real miracles, and the real miracle workers, are yourselves.- The Council

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The Council

Change. Let’s examine the change that you are in the middle of at this time.

Is it not somewhat inconceivable that a sea change in the planet’s systems would be largely unmentioned in the media? Would you not expect that some discussion of anything of this magnitude would be happening? Is such a thing not more important than an annual basketball tourney or a reality television show?

The entire financial structure of your world is being radically modified. You are about to find that out whether or not you have been following these things. And the resultant effects upon your everyday lives will be enormous. That alone should be enough to excite everyone. But we tell you once again that the true miracle is that the changes in your consciousness, your frequencies if you will, are the true changes. Everything you see outside of you is illusion. All of it, no matter how real it seems, is destined to change, to cease to exist at some point. Why? Because you will change. You will grow. You will continue to create. Your true nature is to always strive for more and better. And you will always succeed. You always have. Continue reading

VIDEO… “GoodETxSG Part I – Secret Space Program, ET Federation Delegation & MILAB Participant”

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goodetsgx_gravatar_150_4[Update: Here is a post on a Project Avalon forum thread with a bit more information about this video (posted by GoodETzSG).]

This I felt would be helpful background information for many about GoodETxSG. The video was from 10-21-14, and was just recently published at this YouTube site. Originally was published via Project Avalon, and he is interviewed by Christine, from the Project Avalon forum.

Published on Feb 11, 2015
Originally Published on Oct 31, 2014

This is the original recording made of GoodETxSG when he was able to speak for the first time about his experiences. Originally he didn’t want this recording to be made public for reasons that will become obvious as you watch this extraordinary video.

GoodETxSG was abducted into service as a child and categorized as an intuitive empath, he has personal hands-on experience in military remote viewing, inter-dimensional portal travel, travel in…

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Paradise Stolen – The Myth of Overpopulation

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From Activist Post, March 21, 2015

Part 1 of this series was a warning to children about a world that was stolen from them. It offered a stark condemnation to adults who continue to ignore the reality of the wicked ways in which government has used their money, both donated and extorted.

Part 2 suggested that the innate practicality of small, sustainable communities is a solution to the massive mismanagement by a government dedicated solely to a megacorporate/banker/war economy. Our modern economic system is actually not one built upon efficiency, as it is often believed to be; it is a system of massive inefficiency and predation, which has directly resulted in the bankrupt and war-ravaged world we see around us.

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Despite Medicine ‘Advancements,’ Global Medicine is Making Us Sick

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Source: Natural Society, by Christina Sarich

While medical care and medical technologies have improved over the last several decades, research says that our collective overall ‘good health’ has actually decreased in the last 25 years. We may be living longer, but are we really healthier?

Hui Zheng, assistant professor of sociology at Ohio State, points the finger at an ever-burgeoning medical care system throughout the world as part of our collective sickness in a new study. Zheng and OSU researchers said:

Access to more medicine and medical care doesn’t really improve our subjective health. For example, in the United States, the percentage of Americans reporting very good health decreased from 39 percent to 28 percent from 1982 to 2006.”

It seems that what some term the “medical mafia” (the FDA, USDA, AMA, etc) has made us sick first psychologically, then physically. It is clear to many that…

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Cobra Update 3-6-15… “Day of the Reset (March 17th, 2015)”

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“The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing. It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus or God nothing…

“On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square, you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset.

“This marks the completion of this Window of Opportunity… no further Windows of Opportunity are needed to trigger the Event, although portal activations on certain dates may still be needed.

Since that day, we will actually be in one huge Window of Opportunity that will converge into the Event when the time is right… timeframe…

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Cobra Update 3-17-15… “Forgiveness” (remember, this is the “Day of the Reset”)

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Note: to read more about this “Day of the Reset”, go to this previous Cobra article (posted at Kp blog, here). (readability alert… see Updates below the image).


[Update 1: I found the text in the image above extremely difficult to read, so I converted it to black and white, and its negative, which may be easier for some to discern the text. I’ve also placed them in thumbnails below.] [Update 2: the text that is in the image above is a condensed version of what is in the original reset post. I suggest reading that.]


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The New Emergence – 777 with 11:11 @ Judith Kusel

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The New Emergence – 777 with 11:11

We are moving towards the completion of a planetary phase, the first phase in the birth of the New Earth.

Since 1994 immense changes have come in on multiple levels in order to shift the planet into a much higher frequency band, and therefore all upon her.

A lot of us have been through immense upheavals, literally being uprooted, revamped and reinvented in the last few years, as the old life steadily has disintegrated and a new life slowly but surely started to emerge out of the ashes of the old.  The Phoenix rising from ashes has become our symbol, so to speak, for truly sometimes we could not see for seeing but have to have faith that whatever was happening, was bringing in a new and higher form of life.

The massive portal opened…

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Comments by David Wilcock on Ben Fulford’s 3-17-15 Post…

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David_Wilcock_Search128In my mind, I certainly agree with David that Putin was not involved with 3-11. Not sure why Ben keeps getting the urging to write this about him. Anyway… more excellent information from David, for which we are grateful. At least I am…

Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:08 am

I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance. I don’t have any idea why Ben came out with such an unprovoked and groundless accusation that Putin was involved in 3/11. Ben has been in at least three Russian documentaries that greatly exposed what is going on, and this included a documentary that talked about 3/11 and repeated what he said about it being caused by Israel.

From what I have been hearing on my end, the panic is every bit as high in the space program side of the Cabal / Illuminati as it…

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