Phil Lightbody – Channeling SaLuSa – November 19, 2015

We are now in negotiations with your Governments for disclosure and first contact. By working together we can bring forward the necessary changes so the New-Age can proceed with all haste. This can all be arranged however you are called to focus on positive outcome only, else risk unwittingly adding energy to that which is not desired. By pre-imagining and focusing on your chosen outcome you are committing to that future path.

You have also to detach from all that does not serve the highest good of all; this can be a sticking point yet you can rise above the pull of the lower energies, and not repeat the mistakes of the past, you are here because you can do this. The higher purpose of these testing times are to purify and separate that which is not needed going forward onto higher levels of awareness. Abundance to completely meet all your needs is realized when you live as if it already has happened…. Read  more

We Are Moving Ahead With Disclosure – Sananda, Lady Nada, One Who Serves and Ashira – 11-21-15

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Much thanks to Lucy Norris for updating me on this global scientific meditation experiment –

Please find your meditation time here:

The biggest global scientific meditation experiment – please join us and watch the introduction video here:


JOIN US IN OUR BIGGEST GLOBAL MEDITATION YET AS TOGETHER WE RAISE THE VIBRATION! The Master Shift has teamed up with 20 other meditation groups including the Dhammakaya of Thailand to create a shift in the collective consciousness. On 12.12.15 we will meditate together at 9:30 PM JST and again at 9:30 PM EST. ( ) The Master Shift will provide a free guided meditation that will be available the day of the event or feel free to create your own meditation event.

THE RESULTS OF THE COLLECTIVE MEDITATION EXPERIMENT WILL BE MEASURED by the The Global Consciousness Project ( and the Global Coherence Initiative (…

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Geoengineering Now Becoming a Global Business, While Mainstream Media and Government Continue to Deny the Truth

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Source: Natural News, by L.J. Devon

It’s a subject that no reporter wants to talk aboutin the mainstream media. It’s a topic that government officials prefer to keep hush-hush. Weather manipulation is a shadowy, controversial topic that has gone under the radar for decades. Geoengineering dates all the way back to 1946, when a chemist working for General Electric, Vincent Schaefer, introduced cloud seeding techniques that he invented in a laboratory freezer.

Through the years, cloud seeding chemists have introduced new ways to manipulate the weather using planes and mass aerial dispersal of chemicals. Today, there are entire companies that specialize in controlling the weather; for instance, one European company charges wedding planners $150,000 to guarantee a rain-free wedding day. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that 55 cloud seeding projects took place last year in the US alone.

Geoengineering is not just a theory…

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Mathew’s November Message succinctly summarizes what may be two types of hidden-hand activities behind current global dramas

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While I’ve mostly chosen not to pay attention to “channeled” messages, I still do look forward to Mathew Ward’s monthly posts; and while I appreciate some more than others, this month I find myself resonating powerfully with his incisive diagnosis of the hidden hand behind recent events that continue to feed the chaos-creating cancer that has long ravaged Earth and earthlings. And while I don’t pretend to be privy to (or even to “believe”) his remarks about another hidden hand, namely “Earth’s Golden Age planners meeting with some of your wisest individuals,” I would like to think that his overall assessment is correct, that things ARE improving. And in fact, since all possibilities are equally real until we decide to focus in one direction rather than another, I, for one,choose to focus and activate this intensely creative energetic stream into matter. For then, as Mathew envisages, “the society can proceed full tilt to continue what amounts to…

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This Will Help to Heal Hearts


Simply Stunning.

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Humans around the world have been shocked, saddened and feeling grief. We are all brothers and sisters and we share this one beautiful planet. We all feel pain and grief in the same way and we are grieving in our individual ways.

These barbaric attacks bring negative energy to this world we all share.  I heard this and it is one of my favorite songs and one Whitney Houston sang in the movie, the Bodyguard.  This young child has the ability to touch our hearts and lift them up some from pain and death. May God bless him during his life and may all feel the power of love as you listen to him.

Please take the love you feel and pass it on to someone else and may the Jihadists know we will rise up. We are the human race and we will oppose every negative thing they do…

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