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From St. Germain:

This is a story of hope, adversity, and the triumph of Love in action.

These are some of the events of April 10, the result of the kidnapping and rescue of little Che, Kathryn’s beloved chihuahua, who escaped to join his friends at the beach while all were involved in loading the car to leave the house where they were staying. The drama unfolded over a period of almost 10 hours, with intense negotiations with the kidnappers, who late in the game threatened to back out because of their fear of the police presence they detected. Eventually, all was happily resolved, but not without considerable emotional strain on everyone involved.

This is a message to answer Kathryn’s questions about the deeper meaning of this difficult event.

To Kathryn:
You touched many people in your search for Che.

Everyone you gave the notice to was touched by the love you feel for you little pet.
It made them think about their own lives. Many felt gratitude, appreciation, greater love for the animals in their lives.

Your interactions with the police made them feel important in their service to those from abroad. The successful completion, after the long planning and strategizing, helped them to see themselves as helpers, not law enforcement people. It was an important step, and will continue across the globe as the transition from crime to civil service takes place. They now see a new possibility for their jobs. They are telling their families the story.

K: So Che was the catalyst for lessons for all kinds of people? – Yes.

K: And for me?
Well, it pushed you to the point of taking forceful action, while also turning to everyone around you who might be of help. It was right to involve the police, the neighbors, etc. Those you encountered on the “dog street” we suggested for you to search were reminded of how precious a dog really is. Thank you for canvassing that neighborhood. You and your team had a profound effect on those you told of your search for Che.

You were reminded of your strengths, and were put in the position to act quickly and forcefully when needed. It was a good reminder for you and an important lesson for others who tried to help out, who needed to see that Love is not the same as hearts and flowers.

We know it was painful for you, but we thank you for your patience and trust. We told you Che was safe, and you believed us. We would have transported him to higher dimensions immediately if he had been in danger, but we know you would have been very sad if he had been removed from your life at this time. We were “on it,” the whole time, I promise you.

You proceeded carefully and thoughtfully, searching out and trusting those who showed great skill in negotiating for you. Your team grew by the hour, as you enlisted the help of all you could find. Even John, whom you befriended, and for whom you will find an owner for his lovely kitten. He will read your website and be astonished, and his life will never be the same.

As for the criminals, the negotiations had a profound impact on them. The girl was afraid, the guy, belligerent. He tried to ignore your pleas, to remain hard. He even tried to convince himself that he was entitled to the money of the rich foreigner. When your emotional appeal forced him to say that if it were up to him, he would give the dog back, it began to play in his mind. You offered to come, to walk to where he was, to do anything to get your dog back. It began to affect him.

He began looking at Che, and saw the loving little soul he is. He meant it when he said he wanted to keep him. He was only dissuaded when he saw that Che wouldn’t eat. He believed you when you said Che would die if he kept him. You saw the sadness in Che’s eyes, in the photo he sent, and so did he.

The girl was very confused by Maime’s kind approach, when she took over the Spanish negotiations for you, her assumption that they were good people who had rescued your beloved pet and would return him immediately. Her words began to work on the girl, and she began to have doubts about the whole venture. They began to believe that you indeed didn’t have the money but that you would beg and borrow to get Che back.

It was not her intention to cause great hardship, but to milk the rich foreigners who had made trouble for them. That would have been easy, allowing them to feel justified. Then she learned that you had missed your plane, were searching with a broken heart, and Mari’s information that you came to help the people of Puerto Rico and that you live on donations sealed the deal.

After that, they only wanted to not get caught, although he still hoped to get some money. He was angry, but knew he had been outsmarted when the cop cars surrounded her. They knew what they had done was extortion – which was why she kept protesting that they had not asked for money. She was completely undone when you embraced her as she gave Che back to you.

The team held the light for you. Their hearts were with you, and their protection helped to touch the hearts of the pair. They will never again think of crime as the easy way to get money. When you have your blessings, you will again help them, and doing so, when they were so cruel to you, will seal their shift.

You will return, give the girl a large gift, and she will become a point of change in the area, with your help. This pair are a part of a large underground of marginal, depressed and disenfranchised people who are disorganized revolutionaries. He thinks of himself as a spokesperson for the poor, a sort of Robin Hood. Of course, it has turned to cruelty and arrogance, as it almost always does. They will tell this story to their friends, and it will become somewhat legendary among the marginally criminal element.

Many others were touched, too many to describe here. When you come to higher dimensions, you will see how much light you all created with your actions.

We asked you to remain in Puerto Rico to help change it, and you did it in the way you are most skillful – one person, one small group at a time. Your next assignments will not be so difficult for you personally. We know you need a little time to rest and recover.

It is pleasant where you are, and a place where everyone needs light. You will continue your work to break down the walls that separate the rich from the poor, which is everywhere demonstrated by the bars and locks and the great defensive wall, which set the tone of war-like defensiveness which remains today in Old San Juan. It is a prison for those who have and those who have not. It remains today as the symbol of colonialism’s destructive effects. This will be a focus of work as soon as the RV is completed and the Prosperity Funds are released.

We wished for you to experience the feeling of imprisonment personally so that you would understand the effect it has on everyone. You understand the deeper psychological effect it has on people – which you experienced first hand with the criminals. This is the barrier that needs to be healed. It is a tall order, but it will dissolve because of the basic connection to God which remains at all levels of the population, but it is especially strong in the heartminds of the poor.

You were sent here to Puerto Rico because it is one of the most concentrated and glaring examples of the psychological and economic damage which has remained as a result of the Reptilian structures which began generations ago.

Your work at El Yunque opened a portal to the heart of Gaia and beyond. It was the reason you were able to touch the hearts of even those who thought they were hardened against compassion for anyone of a different race or economic condition. It is the beginning of breaking down all prejudice, all divisiveness.

You will now go out into the streets of Old San Juan and elsewhere to carry the Light to all you encounter. You will enjoy it, as we did as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. You will be received with open arms wherever you go, and you will continue your work with individuals and a small group which will be arranged for you.

You need not go back to El Yunque. Your work there is complete. Mother Earth is in ecstasy after your deep connection and understanding of what she needed. You saw the potential for her path to the center of the universe, you felt her urge to fulfill her destiny, and you opened the portal for her to travel that path. Your deep capacity for empathy, and the natural urge to act on that empathy, to open the door when it was so urgently needed, allowed the opening to movement, and Mother Earth has begun the journey which was her destiny with such joy and excitement that all the beings who travel with her, the great mothership of souls, will feel the great Shift into the exhilaration of being in motion at last.

You will speak of your adventure on the radio show with Father God on Saturday, so that the whole community will have a better idea of the enormous changes which are occurring beneath their feet and within their hearts. Continue to post your daily meditations, and to encourage the buildup to the Harmonic Ascension. The translations are allowing the spread of excitement to all the corners of the globe. You will have reached enough of the ground crew to create an enormous uplifting of the vibration, and the daily meditations continue to bring home the message of Love in all you do.

You will be supported and protected as you continue your work. I will be with you and all the wonderful team of Lightworkers as you complete this mission of Love. Be at peace, Beloved. I am here with you completely, in admiration and love. I am joined by Sananda, and when needed, by Ashtar, Mother/Father God, Michael and all the others. It is truly the great completion of our destiny. We thank you and our beloved Anne for your tireless work. All is being fulfilled at last.

Endlessly in Love,
Your Adamos.
Transcribed by Kathryn May, April 11, 2014, Old San Juan, PR

Permission is granted to copy and share the messages given here, as long as credit is given to the website, www.whoneedslight.org, and there are no additions or deletions to the text.

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