Being Higher Self



Angels are our forebears. We are their descendants, returning. With us in this journey of our reawakening, through all our toils and strifes, are the angels—at our sides, our befrienders, our guides.

This book is a portrait of their aid to us. It also is a portrait of our journey into being divine. How magnificent we have been. How magnificent yet!

Cover Wings of LightAlthough our sojourn seems craggy for endless miles through myriad and distant shores, there is a lightbearer showing us the way, whispering in our ear and guiding our heart. Surely such mysteries of which dreams are made and stories woven are a truer glimpse of who we are and the life we lead?

If we could but glimpse the essence of our light, would we grieve so heavily and forlornly for lack of wisdom? Perhaps a wise one is s/he who rests in the sure…

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