The History of Medical Industry Corruption ,NOVEMBER 30 2013

Remember when chiropractics was considered “quackery”? I do. Slowly, however, The People are demanding that insurance companies subsidize them on true health care that actually works.

Since the cabal gets disgustingly rich on sick people, they do their damnedest to prevent us from using holistic health care practitioners and keep us caged in their killer system—ensuring our bodies and our minds are constantly sucking down poisonous chemicals and are tied up with questionable surgeries.  It boggles my mind how people award doctors with their trust when their track record is so abysmal.   ~BP

The same people who corrupted Congress, the news media, and academia, also had a conscious program to take over medicine.

Here’s the history of how they did it.  


Monopoly control uber alles

How did the US medical industry get to where it is today?

First of all note that it’s called an “industry” and 90% of the focused talk about it takes place on financial news shows.

The “Health Care Industry” is considered a good investment, a growth market, but one talks about whether it’s helping people get healthier or sicker.

– See more at: http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/health-and-medical-1/how-the-medical-monster-came-to-be.html#sthash.Wd7NnKd1.dpuf

– Brasscheck

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