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lisagawlas2Do you remember school, whether it is high school, college, technical school, there is always a period of final exams.  When you are at the very end of that school term, the final exams will either allow you to graduate or force you into summer school (if your desire is to really graduate.)  September 22nd thru December 21st, 2013 for many, is final exam time.  All the questions on the test are multiple choice questions, but in order to produce an answer to the question, you must live the answer.  Of course, there is never a right or wrong answer, just different directions and alternate next choices.

While I was reading My Son and the Afterlife: Conversations from the Other Side” by Elisa Medhus ( a great read by the way!) There was a section of his (Erik’s) conversation with his mother (known in the sharing as “me”) that, well… I knew, but really wanted to side step the truth of anywayz (but obviously, couldn’t.)  I am going to share that conversation from the book (bold and underlining done by me.):  

Erik: …You can turn into reality only that which dovetails with your destiny. If it doesn’t agree with your destiny, you can’t create it.

Me: I can’t imagine people would want to create something that is not part of their destiny.

Erik: Oh, a lot of people do!

Me: Well, why wouldn’t it work? Why can’t you create your reality regardless of your destiny?

Erik: When we come to the earthly plane, we have a spiritual blueprint. Our thoughts and our actions must work towards accomplishing whats on that spiritual blueprint. If we finish that, we can accomplish more. Say, for example, a woman is married to a rich dude and she’s miserable and wants out, but she knows she has to work full time if she divorces him. She might think “I don’t want to. Can’t I just win the lottery?” That’s not going to happen, becauseno matter how much time, energy and passion she puts toward winning the lottery, she won’t; because it would derail her spiritual forward movement, which includes developing independence and empowerment by getting a full time job and letting go of Mr. Sugar Daddy.

That would be in a complete contradiction to what so many believe, especially if you believe everything within “The Secret.”

If we can look at earth as a school, we all came here with our own cheat sheets.  We are not learning anything new, but remembering what and who we really are.  One would think it would make this school easier… not even!!

Most of us (but surely, not all) came into life with some serious remembering lessons and for it to play out perfectly, we had to immerse ourselves into some hellatious childhoods and even adulthood’s, allowing the school to be a hands on learning device.  Very much like those mathematical equations (which I hated): Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet?

Well, we are the living example, we are the train, the speed, the direction and of course, the outcome.  That is our spiritual blueprint… boiled down to a mathematical equation really.  When we finally reveal the correct answer by living it, the next blueprint equation comes online.  Once we “get it,” once we really “Live” the answer as a way of life, we have moved on to the next phase of our initial spiritual blueprint.

Until we get to a place, where one day, all the initial spiritual blueprint equations have become mastered.  This is what true ascension really is.  Being the Living Master incarnate, not of anyone or anything else, but of your own Self.

Once we have mastered our initial blueprints, and for me (and many of us) those equations held the energy of abandonment, conditional love, judgement, unworthiness and so on.  Ohhh, gotta throw in arrogance.  For many, that is still an equation to be revealed.  When we think of arrogance, we think of someone kinda yelling or being loud, but not so.  Just listen to people when they talk, when their conversations start with “Me or I” more often than not, that is arrogance still in lesson, often disguised as love and wisdom.

The funny thing about this crazy, ongoing evolutionary school of humans remembering, it is magnetic, very very magnetic, housing the energy of “like strongly attracts like.”  You can see this in your work environment, your home, your outings… everywhere.  But so often, we are busy critiquing others than seeing ourselves within them.

At the end of every day, YOU are the only one in school, every one and every thing surrounding you, is showing you to yourself.  Most people will never get out of that phase of school either, at least, not in this lifetime.

Complete change is the only true evolutionary step there is.  The path to true enlightenment is not rooted in one place.

If we can look at it like this… by the time we arrive in our senior year of high school, that school almost seems like child’s play.  Some find comfort in the fact that school is now so easy, they may choose to repeat their senior year over and over again and never moving on to the next phase of their evolution.  Some may have only come to witness this amazing school and can do so from their senior high school classroom, others, not so much.  If you do not move out of that school, the soul blueprints will fire up to move you out. (This has been my way lol, not a wise way, but it did get me to here lol.)

The more you are kicked out of your comfort zone and allow yourself to find a new comfort zone in the next phase of your personal evolution, you start looking for the next phase to happen and embrace it with a full heart (do not take that to mean a happy heart.)

And now, as we transverse October, November and December of 2013, the final of all final exams have been underway.  Massive choice points, movement (often disguised as hardship,) and of course, new beginnings (depending on how we made choices thru the perception of hardships.)

I cannot believe I am going to use this analogy, but… I am.  A Oreo cookie.  Two solid cookies that hold a creamy middle center.  The first cookie was the solidity of illusion that got us to the choice point of experiencing/becoming the creamy middle.  If we look at the creamy middle more like the liquefied egg, the yolk and whites of the egg, we were busy building the next phase of our solid cookie.  If we got out of our comfort zones and applied whatever the creamy middle (which I really didn’t find all that creamy) to our lives, what we are emerging into now is the solid spiritual cookie.  A true journey in wholeness, completeness.

For me personally, the creamy middle started when I took up residence on that mountainside in Vermont (2002.)  I was gifted two native american spiritual guides/teachers shortly after arriving.  Chief Wandering Eagle and a really old medicine woman who was called Golden Eagle.  I eventually knew that Chief Wandering Eagle was my father from the lifetime I lived as a Native American in the late 1400′s and many years later, also realized it was my father in this current life.

The creamy middle, in my world, completed it self on November 15th of this year.  From the end of September thru my fathers transition, I was presented with more choice points than I care to mention, of course, you already know that.

I suppose December is going to reveal the 2nd cookie, if we didn’t take an alternate route to get to summer school one more time.

For those who took deep chances, great risks, radically different choice directions, we are about to embark on a school that never was a part of earths history.  Thru our love and conviction to Life itself, we will be blazing a new trail for All to experience.

Before I close this sharing… a content I had no idea was going to be shared… I have to share what I do understand in my own life’s evolution right now.

I know I have transmuted a lot of the blueprints of my life (abandonment, conditional love, judgement and so on) that allowed me to get to here, but there was this one last pesky one that was soooo hard for me to transmute and it is only this morning that I realized, I could have never ever done this alone.  I needed you every step of the way, and my gratitude for you can never be expressed in words.

The energy of not having enough, not being taken care of, guised as money.  My relationship with money has been turbulent at best, always needing and wanting more.  Over the course of my lifetime, I have sold out my soul to make sure I had enough money… always.  My creamy middle started to change that, but the change itself couldn’t have happened until I moved here to my Heaven.

Alone in my own energy field, no other traces of anyone else interfering, I spent two years in evolutionary choice, and thru it all, you were right there with me, helping, assisting, loving me to this critical moment my own journey.  To this critical point of the doors of the New School (Which is one body, many feathers, moving as One.)

It is easy to not realize what fills your own home, energetically, because you are so constantly within it and it can be taken for granted most times.  Remove yourself and go deep into the depths of old energy, where money and security is the only thing that matters… when you arrive back into your space, your Home, it becomes so clear the growth that has taken place.

I got on board the airplane in Delaware with less than $100 to my name.  No bills were paid in November and truly, I didn’t care.  My father really taught me what being present really meant.  Something I thought I knew before, but was incredibly mistaken.  Between he and I, there really was no past and not even a future that could be planned.  There was only the moment we were in.

I met the greatest group of ladies an incredible man and a very precious baby on my five and a half hour layover in Denver.  Two of the ladies were trying to pay my food bill (one snuck my tab and got away with paying it) another put a folded up dollar bill in my hand and my first (and consistent) reaction as to give it back.  Because it was folded up, I had no idea how much that dollar bill was, but she (they) had already donated to my ongoing cause previously.  All I could feel within myself is… I have nothing left to give back.  Stubborn people!!  She wouldn’t take it back.  As I was getting on my flight to Albuquerque, I reached into my pocket to realize she gave me a $100 bill.  Well just holy freakin shit batman!!  I cried and my mind scrambled (unsuccessfully) on how can I give back, but thru it was relief I just may get some rent money together, my landlady lives as close to the financial edge as I do and I never want my personal choices to hurt her.

Once I got back home and was aligned back with the amazing energy that is Home, it is so strange really… the complete and full energy of well, fullness, where lack of any sort just doesn’t exist, engulfed me.  To the point I had to keep reminding myself of what I need to put off for later.  One of the things that was being put off was replenishing the bird seed, which really broke my heart.  But I was still $500 shy of making rent and I was really teetering on spending the $20 to keep the birds fed, or keep it towards rent.

I decided that if I get any new money thru bookings or class donations, that will be bird seed money.  Not even 15 minutes after I published my blog did I get a donation and my heart just breathed a sigh of relief for the birds, they will get their food!  Everything else, goes towards rent.

ADDED NOTE (after 1st publication):  The next donation did not come wrapped around the energy of the class (allowing me the feeling of giving back something…. ANYTHING!!) and came thru the energy of the first bird of spring… a Robin (smile, wink, hug.)

We think of generosity in our ability to give and share, but where would that energy land if there was nothing open to receiving it, without the need to hurry up and give something back.  I never felt a lesson, an understanding as strong and as fully as I did, when a Robin landed in my inbox.  I fully understand why and how I have carried this lesson so far and for so long.  Humbling really.  

But there was so much more that was about to happen to really put an exclamation point on the point I pray I am making! (smile)

I attempted to run a bath, hoping for some clear water (as well as clear direction within myself) and much to my surprise, there wasn’t even any hot water.  Just shit.  My landlady just told me I could take $100 off the rent the day before and now she just might have to buy a new hot water heater. That seems really unfair!!  I was not about to tell her of my hot water woes… yet.  I waited a while and ran the hot water again, and then again, and then finally again.  The feeling with it was… new.  Like it had to completely end itself on every level to run clear and hot again.

It did just that.  Hot clear water!!  Hurray, I can take a bath and get clean today.  But my meditation was sketchy at best.  The only thing I heard so clearly and so… focusedly was: “To not bless the birds so you can bless yourself, is an act of greed.”  At first I thought it was a very strange thing to hear, when I have already committed to buying bird seed, I was no longer deciding, but had decided.

I realized (eventually) spirit’s statement had less to do with buying birdseed and everything to do with feeding each other at all times, in all ways.

Many years ago, I was pleading with spirit to please let me win the lottery and something I so didn’t want to hear was echoed back to me… your energy, your life is to be an example of “generosity.”  I understood then, that that generosity was (as all life is) a two way street.

Chief Wandering Eagle.  A bird among amazing birds.  His cancer, his purposeful choice of end game in this life, gave us all the blessing of feeding the birds.  A generous act of love to allow the influx of generous acts of love from all.

When I got out of the bath, puzzled still by spirits energy statement, I decided to look up the feathers of my father.  He told me they were eagle feathers, not even… they are all turkey feathers.  But thru the searching, I felt so connected once again to Chief Wandering Eagle and Golden Eagle.  I had to laugh, because he also told me our Indian lineage is from the Mohawk tribe, not even!!  We hail from The Penobscot (Panawahpskek) people of Maine, as my sisters were wonderful to correct.

I headed out to the feed store and decided to stop at the dollar general and get a few items like milk and chocolate and stuff (smile).  As soon as I opened the car door to head into the store, something on the ground, about 3 feet away, was shining so flipping bright it about blinded me, so I went over and picked it up.  It was a quarter, I stuck it in my pocket.  As I was checking out of the dollar general with $22 worth of food, the lady said if I spend $3 more dollars she will give me $5 off.  REALLY??  That’s an offer too good to refuse.  Chips and chocolate covered pretzels for free!!!

As I was heading back home with food a plenty for everyone, I had this sudden urge to look at that quarter.  So I dug it out of my pocket and cried my flipping eyes out when I seen the Vermont logo.  Bookends of fathers, of birds of a feather.

Feed the birds and you always be taken care of.  Move into lack and that has to be your experience.

Together, we are not only well feed, but also, the worlds greatest food source too, unconditional love and service to the greater All.

To the point of turkey feathers and Indian lineage… it’s only as real and authentic as we make it… going way beyond the illusion.  I now have eagle turkey feathers and hail from the Mohawk / Penobscot (Panawahpskek) tribe.

Together…. WE ARE the return of the bird tribes.  One Body, Many Feathers!  Happy Graduation!!

With ohhhh so much loving gratitude and pure excitement to see what December has left to show us before he ascend into 2014 TOGETHER!!  Tomorrow (sunday) is my first day of readings in 2 months.  Please bear with my training wheels!

(((((((HUGZ))))) filled with amazing bird seed to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas    www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html

P.S. I am offering my pre-recorded 25+ hour class on learning how to read.  For a $25 donation, I will send you the link to download all 10 files of the class.  I also uploaded to that area on my dropbox account the two course materials needed: The layout of the feet as well as the complete interpretation of the physical body.   All the information and to make a donation is on my main page at www.mysoulcenter.com.

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