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Power of the fresh

Fresh herb cannabis – Indian hemp ( marijuana ; lat. Cannabis sativa, subspecies indica).
As a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant , many scientists classified it as the most important plant in the world . In order to fully exploit its potential is best consumed fresh and in natural form , and not with smoking.

What’s the difference ?

Cannabidiol in the cannabis has proven beneficial effect in many diseases , including inhibiting the growth of tumor cells . Recent studies however have shown that it is an important ingredient which relieves the symptoms of schizophrenia.  


” If cannabis was found now in the Amazon rainforest , many will do everything to reach it and to extract its full potential,” says Donald L. Abrams , doctor of hematology and oncology at the hospital in San Francisco and professor of medicine at the University of California. Dr. Abrams is known for his research on the medical use of cannabis.

” Unfortunately ,many people are blind of my results of the benefit and the use of this powerful plant,” he added.

Why fresh ?

Heat destroys enzymes that are found in marijuana . With the use of fresh marijuana , enzymes are more usable . Those who need larger amounts of cannabinoids without bigger psychoactivity , they must consumed it fresh , because as such, has 60 times the tolerance .

Dr. William L. Courtney , is nutritional expert for raw cannabis which is used to treat various diseases . He was one of the first who presented his works related to the benefits of using fresh juice of cannabis.

Several years ago , Dr. Courtney shared the same opinion about cannabis with his fellow practitioners . But in the 2004 he read-ad an article in the journal Scientific American about one molecule of cannabis which had properties like no other molecule that transmits signals not only to nerve cells, but after she acted she returned back, and than his life has changed .

This overshadows 20 years in terms of understanding how neurotransmitters operate , direct reactions : immune cells receive many signals to start the reaction , but no signal to stop doing it. That continued reaction can irritate and healthy tissue too.

Dual communication provides feedback , encouragement of modulation , and this discovery has delighted this microbiologist , “Lord , it’s a foundation for perfect health ,” he said when he read the research.

The Power of Juicing RAW Cannabis – Dr William Courtney

Miracle of the patient , Kristen Peskuski admits she was always sick . During her life she had hypoglycemia , endometriosis , rheumatoid arthritis , anemia , chronic bacterial infections , systemic lupus , chronic sinusitis , interstitial cystitis and many other serious disorders . She visited a huge number of specialists and hospitals , she had over 40 drugs , but no one could discover the cause of her condition.

Finally she came under the supervision of a doctor Courtney , and began to experiment with fresh cannabis . She stated that this herb saved her life. After endogenous cannabinoids was discovered , it was discovered that their role is very important in human biology and general health. Endocannabinoids , naturally is secreted and influences many physiological processes including appetite and feeling pain.

CB1 receptors in the body , which accept chemical messages from endocannabinoids dont know the difference whether cannabinoid is naturally secreted or inserted in body. That is why the use of fresh cannabis achieves the same result as the secretion of endogenous cannabinoids.

Kristen Peskuski and Dr.Courtney Video on Youtube

Source: secretlyhealthy.com

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