Laura Bruno – RT Exposes Eugenics Agenda: Governments, Nestle, Monsanto …- 16 October 2013


A note here, too, that with permaculture regreening the deserts, plus the release of suppressed, renewable energy technology already in existence, there’s no overpopulation problem. The problem is the corporations pursuing a not-even-secret eugenics agenda to kill off everyone but themselves. Other solutions exist — solutions that repair the Earth, heal the soil, and heal the soul. The transnational corporations just aren’t interested in them. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Yes On 522 Strategy – A Rebuttal – 10 October 2013

laura-of-the-rocksYesterday, Jon Rappoport published a valid-question-riddled piece called “Are GMO Ballot Measures Just Another Covert Op?” Regular blog readers know that I am a fan of the GMO ban rather than labeling; however, I’m also a realist that the fluoridated, brainwashed, chemtrailed, GMO’d, drugged and hypnotized state of the vast majority of US citizens makes that highly, highly unlikely as an initial goal. Not gonna happen here, not right now.  Continue reading