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paoweb_globegrid130Forgot to post “the Sheldan” the last couple times, so here’s this week’s.

As always, I suggest using Higher Discernment when reading these, to see how it “hits” and applies (or not) to you. They may have valuable data for some.

Particularly I use caution and discernment regarding all data about “deliveries”, “packages”, “resets”, and all that. I like to remember that everything we need is within ourselves, and whatever we need is supplied as we need it, and intend it.

“Everything continues to move forward. This very complex process is being carefully guided by a series of new security measures to ensure quality control… We expect for this whole process of special wires and deliveries to take less than a month.

“The present governments are on their last legs and we expect to hear the required announcements shortly. This series of developments are to pave the way for…

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