Becca Williams: A Guide to Including Cannabis in Your Practice

Openhearted Rebel

By Becca Williams, Cannabis and Spirituality

Note from ‘Cannabis and Spirituality’ editor: Cannabis in Your Practice – Becca Williams was offered up by Becca at my invitation. There are many ways to talk about working with cannabis for spiritual benefit. My intention with the Cannabis and Spirituality project is to include some of those varying voices. Becca’s guidance is based on long experience with intentional use of cannabis in particular and with consciousness transformation work in general. Her latest project is Marijuana Straight Talk, a national [in the U.S.] TV show that will be debuting in 2016. You can also see her video work on YouTube and at MJStraightTalk.


A Guide to Including Cannabis in Your Practice

by Becca Williams

The reason we practice something, of course, is to get better at it and to be able to do it under most any circumstances. So when it comes to a practice of…

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