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Ute Posegga-Rudel -Flat Or Sperical Earth – A Spiritual Consideration – 12-6-15


Dearest friends,
Relative to the escalating discussion that earth is flat, I am getting a knot in my stomach.  Actually, my whole energy system starts to ache and contract. Increasingly my natural breathing is being interrupted and I am starting to feel really sick, because the healthy currents of energy flow in my body are being interrupted. How about you!
Is my system being that brainwashed with the belief that earth is a spinning globe, that the truth is making me literally sick?
Experience is the key!
Our physical and energy bodies are having without  doubt a symbiotic relationship with our present home Earth and her Divine Spirit Gaia. Of course, otherwise we would not be able to live on Her and to evolve with Her.  
We  are energetically…

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