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10 Things to Expect When You're Expecting a Shift in Consciousness

On an individual and collective level, major changes are blasting through humankind. You may have not consciously perceived this, however you would havefelt the changes upon you. Speeding up dramatically, like wheels of a cosmic engine that are flexing hard, until our consciousness reaches the speed of light itself.

Freedom, laughter, love, compassion, creation and liberation of self, are on the horizon as we embark upon the new world rising. The following list will prepare you for the shift coming and what can be expected, in this Golden Age that is upon us.


As we know Karma means action. You will begin to notice that your actions either positive or negative have immediate impact on you and everyone else around you. Whatever you are putting out, you will be getting back.

This will occur at an advanced rate, unlike other lifetimes where you have needed to reincarnate to tie up…

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