The Truth is the LIGHT

Galactic Federation of Light via Garrith Lamanov El Melchizedek, December 1st

The last end of all cabal divide-and-conquer realities are being dismantled at this Now moment to allow a prosperity program that will allow humanity the abundance it has always been intended for, to liberate all from a monetary system based on slave debt.
We of your Ascended Masters, along with our Earth Allies, have reached a point in decision where this abundance program for humanity will soon be in effect to allow the distribution and allocation of funds to Lightworkers.  This will then allow foundations such as Keshe to follow suit in their distribution of free energy technology. As we, of your angelic guardians, meet you on the surface, more of such gifts will be graced to humanity.
It is important to know that all Federal Reserve debt-based currencies will be removed and replaced with a precious…

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