Corey Goode/GoodETxSG Updates –

In my update (That will be posted once I finally get decent Internet Service) speaks of a portion of one of the meetings about which disclosure narrative to use it was mentioned that science fiction was going to be mirroring some of the UFO Communities more interesting “Lore” was going to begin to appear in Movies, TV Series and Commercials. After the “Black Night Pepsi Commercial” I was shocked enough… Now this series? What is next? There has also been a situation where the “lower tech” Military/Intelligence SSP Faction has pulled its few representatives from the SSP Alliance Council and have stopped contact all together.

In a few of the narratives mentioned at the recent meetings one was that the Military/Intelligence SSP would be revealed slowly through more “accidental video’s/images” being captured by space based camera’s as well as a few DIA/NSA/Former Military types…

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