Dawn of Divine Rays

Much thanks to Lucy Norris for updating me on this global scientific meditation experiment –

Please find your meditation time here:


The biggest global scientific meditation experiment – please join us and watch the introduction video here:



JOIN US IN OUR BIGGEST GLOBAL MEDITATION YET AS TOGETHER WE RAISE THE VIBRATION! The Master Shift has teamed up with 20 other meditation groups including the Dhammakaya of Thailand to create a shift in the collective consciousness. On 12.12.15 we will meditate together at 9:30 PM JST and again at 9:30 PM EST. (http://themastershift.com/find-your-meditation-time/ ) The Master Shift will provide a free guided meditation that will be available the day of the event or feel free to create your own meditation event.

THE RESULTS OF THE COLLECTIVE MEDITATION EXPERIMENT WILL BE MEASURED by the The Global Consciousness Project (http://noosphere.princeton.edu/) and the Global Coherence Initiative (https://www.heartmath.org/gci/)…

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