Life on Earth becomes more difficult every day, as exposure of the corruption, and information on those who secretly rule the Earth, leaves many of you confused and upset. Facts must be faced and dealt with. Many times, I have pointed out to you that those who control the Earth ARE NOT OF THE EARTH, so they do not have any regard for human life. They are driven by what they want: total control of the Earth, and they will dispose of any who stand in their way. They take; it is not in their nature to give. They control humanity through BANKING and RELIGION, which are both designed to destroy lives, reducing life on Earth to a struggle for existence. You can change this by refusing to comply with their demands. The important thing to remember is that they cannot do this without your assistance. Once you accept this one fact, that the power is in YOUR hands, they are finished. I cannot stipulate enough, how important this is. Everything you need to know is available to you, as all that was hidden, is now open to those who seek it. Life will be so much easier when you have the courage to refuse to support the banks and religions, and you refuse to play their dangerous games anymore…read more