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Yeshua  via   Fran Zepeda  –   The Deep Expansion of Your Divine Energy   –   9-15-15

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Hello and Blessings, Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters. I come before you to bring you guidance for your further expansion.

The deep expansion of your divine energy is becoming quite evident to many of you as you enter yet another more intensive Gateway with the Eclipses and Equinox and Blood Moon energies. The time is nigh for you to be much more cognizant and aware of your expansion, and with this awareness brings even more expansion.

It is time to be much more comfortable with your own divine energy, your unique energy as it expands, for in it is foretold of your further coming together of your unique Divine Self, comfortable in your own right.

For it is important to cease being so concerned with comparing yourself to other’s development and…

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