Infinite Shift

What an interesting set of assignments we’ve been given.

We’re told that the first wave of Ascension is scheduled for Sept. 28 and the Reval could happen any time after Sept. 14. Hmmm….

How might the two fit together?

The connecting piece, for me, is the notion of spiritual currency.

It’s our spiritual currency (love and light, which are actually the same thing) that allows us to ascend. We must have assimilated (accumulated) enough love and light (spiritual currency) to allow the transformation of the carbon-based body to crystalline-based.

Without that, we can’t survive in the higher frequencies of the Fifth Dimension. This is simply a matter of physics. In the afterlife world, people can visit higher dimensions as long as they’re either accompanied by a resident of that dimension who raises their frequencies briefly, or have some form of energetic talisman which also serves that purpose.

But their bodies…

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