Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Many astrologers, including Laura Walker at Oracle Report, have been speaking about this wave of energy coming in next Saturday, September 13, 2015. Simon Parkes, also spoke about it back in August when he spoke about them ramping up CERN to separate us from Source. I believe he said they will try ramping CERN again this weekend (if I remember correctly) in an effort to forestall this incoming energy. He also speaks about the planet being enveloped in a wave of dark energy, and I’m thinking that this incoming energy may remove that darkness and help open humanity’s eyes.

I’m not sure if I am understanding this correctly, but what Simone seems to be talking about here may also be what Drunvalo mentioned once a number of years ago. He said there is more than one cycle ending, and there is one so old that the Maya have no record of it…

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