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Source:Focus Sessions | by Lynn

CERN and Other Concerns (as we approach the end of September…)

Q. Dear Lynn, Could you give us a reading on what is about to be unfolded in September 2015 in connection between CERN’s secret experimentation with quantum particles and human psyche,  and engineered some sort of geo-catastrophic event to shift / force / change / manipulate peoples free-will and perception and create chaos in peoples thoughts / mind on global scale?

A. I get that when CERN begins experimenting again, the activity surrounding the experiments will create a disruption in the magnetosphere that surrounds earth.  It will be thick in some areas, and thin in others, and I see the bubble constantly shifting and moving about like a bubble on the end of a plastic dip stick (the type a child uses to blow bubbles in the back yard.  I will try to find…

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