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Suzanne Lie  –   The Arcturians   –   Returning to New Earth   –   8-29-15



Our Dearest Ascending Ones,

We are happy that you have been able to maintain the consciousness of Unconditional Love since you opened your Doorway to New Earth. It is the continuous FEEL of Unconditional Love that assures our Ascending Ones that they are “in the process of creating New Earth.”

We know that you all will experience some moments of fear-based third dimensional thinking, but we want you to realize that those moments are not a “failure” in any way. Instead, they are moments when you have temporarily returned to “habit.”

Habit is the primary survival mechanism that you have created in order to survive the extremely challenging time of the close of the Kali Yuga (the final 2,000 years of the third dimensional reality). These habits were not bad; they were necessary. Therefore, do not…

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