Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

This video is the BIG ONE today! While the person who published this evidently believes in Armageddon , I’ve come more and more to believe it is a meme that was inserted in the Bible to trip us all up as and cause us to lose our battle with evil as we approach the end of this Age.

I ask you again to help make this video go viral on the internet. ~J

Published on Aug 7, 2015

This video is mirrored from the C. Ervana channel (…). Clips from pilot “Rewind” (2013) on the SyFy Channel. Other clips from David LaPoint “The Primer Fields pt. 1” We see a stunning reference to 9/23 and the opening of a door, the outbreak of chaos, and later the opening of CERN’s dimensional door. This is yet another clip of a show that I came across by accident. As I mentioned…

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