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Kendra M Gilbert @ in5d.com   –   Your Cosmic Download   –   8-8-15
Contributing writer, In5D.com



Could you be sabotaging your ability to download information from a higher consciousness? Information that is pertinent to the sole purpose, mission and reason for you being here?

There is a war raging right now for control over your focus, thoughts and manifesting power.  Revelation is merely a dramatic realization of something unknown…perhaps this is what you are being kept from?  You are deliberately being cut off from your Source, and there is many reasons for this.  Just about everything today was designed to keep you from accessing your higher consciousness.  The following video is a fabulous symbolic interpretation as to what has happened to Humanity, and how we must awaken and re-connect with the Divine Source.

We are constantly bombarded with thoughts that do not belong to us, thus blocking the downloads…

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