Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

The video starts just fine, and then it gets messy . . . but hold on, it gets better. . . and maybe it is just me . . . ~J


Submitted by IWB
June 8th, 2015
Thanks to C. 

Whoa, there are no words! The Bank Of America (among other banks) will be closing in the areas of Jade Helm starting June 16th. This might possibly support Suzanne Posel’s work. Her theory is that they are going to declare a “virus in all the banks” and tell you something like “On Monday you’ll be fine”. She said when they say that, you have 72 hours until martial law. This might just be a drill folks, but the real thing is coming. Get ready!

Many banks in Calexico, CA are shutting down on June 16th. Calexico is in the exact place where the Jade Helm map indicates “hostile” and…

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