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michael_salla_article_secret_space_war_stops_150531This is the first part of two which has a series of questions for Corey. Sometimes it looks like each question and answer equals an article in itself. Thanks to Dr. Salla for these inquiries.

“According to Corey in his latest disclosures, the recent halt in large scale hostilities has come at the request of a third, recently arrived group of extraterrestrials called the “Sphere Alliance.” Corey claims that the Blue Avians, one of the five extraterrestrial civilizations making up the Sphere Alliance have been physically contacting him and taking him to various diplomatic meetings where the conflicting forces have held dialogues. The Sphere Alliance, according to Corey, have far superior technology to any of the conflicting space program alliances, and have implemented a solar system wide quarantine. This has created havoc with “Cabal led SSPs” that previously were the dominant power on Earth and the Solar System, but are…

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