Living Life in Between

Starseeds unite! It is the time to converge, to gather together and make plans for the coming unification of Earth. The message below outlines the current agenda for those receiving their first activation and induction.

It is imperative that you go within at this time. The seeds of the instigating authority take root in the mind but are oblivious to the language of the heart. It is from within, from your heart space, that you will find clarity. The mind is full of booby traps, obstacles and repetitive circuits meant to disengage you from your life’s work. Therefore, continual introspection via the mind is off-limits to you until a time better suited for the heart-mind consolidation. The current planetary events do not provide an ideal balance at this time and enhance the tendency of the mind to dominate.

Many have yet to be activated, but the next activation will come…

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