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reiki with friends

Warm greetings and farewell wishes are important mainstays in cultures the world across.  From a kiss on both cheeks and perhaps a ‘mucho gusto’ in Central and South American countries, to a hello and a handshake in America, to various hand clapping variations in Africa, to bowing in Japan, each culture has its own style of acknowledging the other person in helloes and goodbyes.  Yet one greeting is growing in popularity as it seems to truly evoke something of the soul itself and that greeting is Namaste.


A Simple Gesture of Universal Oneness

Namaste is used by Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Sikhs, and other religions and is increasingly heard throughout other esoteric and spiritual circles- particularly modern day yoga practitioners across the globe as it is often translated through Sanskrit.

Namaste originates in South Asia- namely India, where it has two formal presentations, Namaskar and Namaskara…

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