Beyond the Horizon

Prepare for Change:

Positive Planetary Transformation is Coming!

flyer image            What’s that flying saucer doing there?

That’s the great taboo subject of all time. It’s probably why you came.

[image without the UFO] Somehow this doesn’t have the same impact…

We have been taught to ridicule the idea of extraterrestrial involvement in the planet’s history and powerful disinformation programming has promoted alien invasion as humanity’s worst nightmare.

But you are here and we are here…so maybe something else is going on.

Opening the door on this subject is entering a vast territory that is, in fact, endless. Each path leads to fields of discovery and conjecture that could consume us for days if not years. The struggle from this side of the table is to keep the subject that needs to be contained for the evening from exploding in all directions.

You’ll have your chance after the break to ask a…

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