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And how be you, Beloved Masters?

Yes, we have fulfilled our Mission to introduce ourselves and enable your connection with our civilization in Hollow Earth. Please enjoy our archived radio shows.  We have been meeting with you for four years now.  Telephone conference calls from April 2 2011 until July 13, 2013 can be found on our website:


Click on the page:  *** RECORDED CALLS

Our Blog Talk Radio Shows began in July, 2013. Please learn how this all began by listening to our Featured Episode:


I now meet with you, here on BTR, approximately once per month as well as give timely updates by telephone, posted on www.HollowEarthNetwork.com – BREAKING NEWS 

On this upcoming call, I will update you on current events happening and underway regarding the global currency reset and RV. – We, of course, are in daily contact with the Galactics, as well – we are all working together to liberate the surface of Mother Earth – dear Terra.

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and great, great love be with you and may you have a wondrous, glorious, loving day!

See you Saturday!.  ZORRA