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There are also Indigo Adults… ~PB

Indigo child quiz - are you one ?

Indigo child quiz – are you one ? |  SpiritualUnite

Indigo children are a set of youngsters having specific special psychological and spiritual qualities. These youngsters was initially popularized in the book “Indigo Children” composed by the couple group, Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, with the contribution of medical physicians, psychologists and parents.

Take the indigo child quiz to learn if you are one.

1. Do you feel out of place in today’s world?

2. Do you perceive the world extremely differently from most of individuals you know?

3. Do you possess a deep desire to help the world by contributing or being of service in some way?

4. Are you vulnerable to sleep problems, uneasy sleep, troubles or nightmares sleeping?

5. Do you have problem conforming to the methods and norms of society?

6. Do you feel frustration at the idea of leading…

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