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portal2012_logo_vertical127Yes, Cobra even mentions “Jade Helm” in this one. And his answer to that is precisely what I have “got” ever since that whole operation was mentioned. I would have to say that yes, JH is out of the ordinary, and is likely intended to be preparation for part of the “grand round up” when arrests and exposures “go viral”.

” The second conference took place near Eastbourne in UK. During that weekend, there was a very important transit of Venus near the Pleiades cluster:… The energy of that transit triggered a strong infusion of Goddess energies from the Galactic Center and a very demanding purification of outdated patriarchal archetypes.

“The third conference took place in Naples in Italy. Naples is located near a triangle of very strong Goddess vortexes and was a strong center of Isiac positive secret societies since the Roman times… the conference was concluded in…

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