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by Kendra M Gilbert – DailySpiral.com

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All children who have entered into the world can be either Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows, Starseeds etc.  There is no birth status amongst children, just their level of awareness of who they are, their mission and purpose.

Every single child is capable, especially if given the proper support and nurturing, to become the amazing and brilliant new creators, healers, helpers and caretakers of tomorrow.   Unfortunately, it is often the unawakened parents along with the current system of control that is responsible for hijacking their true potentials.  Not all parents realize this of course, and it may upset or sound insulting to those who do not understand or want to take responsibility for their part in the dysfunction.  But at some point, accountability must be acknowledged and certain changes must be embraced.   Most all parents want the same for their children –…

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