New Heaven on Earth!


All human beings on earth are one family. When we journey back to before the foundation of the earth, we realize that we all have one Source. We are one Family with one Source: one God who is Love. Therefore, we are children of Love! We have only two rules: Love God and Love one another as ourselves! Love does no harm; there is no fear in Love! Love does not steal, kill or destroy; Love just Loves, fully, freely and without thought, belief or constraint! Pure Presence is the fullness of pure, holy Love transcendent and immanent, embodied in our being! “The Most High does not dwell in houses made with hands…you are the place of his rest” Acts 7:48. Love dwells in you as you dwell in Love! The tree of Life is the tree of pure, unadulterated, holy Love that can only produce fruit and seeds of…

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