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People are finding the courage to say NO to the control and corruption that they have been victims of for 2000 years. To implement their plans for a New World Order, they first had to destroy IRELAND. Until you look at this, you cannot move forward. You need to see WHO and WHY. The Irish are seeing this control for the first time and THEY ARE ANGRY. They are marching to show their strength. They are saying NO. Now, they are beginning to see why they have been used and abused by those who wish to take over your world.

Yes, it is hard to believe that so much could have been done to dumb down the human race without you ever suspecting. It was a clever plot. It needed to be concealed from you. Religion played a huge part in this. The take over was planned at the Council of Nicea, nearly 2000 years ago. The Vatican and her elected ‘princes’ of the church; the Knights of Malta etc, are behind every WAR, FAMINE, and OUTBREAK OF ILLNESS, and everything you have endured ever since. It is the greatest CON since Man began to walk the Earth. Do not be blinded by all the pomp and ceremony; it is camouflage, designed to hide its true intent.

You are now casting light on London. People are publically exposing corruption. This would not have happened a year ago. You are beginning to see how powerful you are. Just by using your energy to send love and light, you can make a huge difference. You can bring about the changes necessary for the transition to peace and harmony. Your light is exposing all that is dark and corrupt.

Once the Irish people realise who they are, and what was taken from them – their true history – then the whole plan with be revealed, including the take over of the Earth and the introduction of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Believe me, the answer lies in Ireland. This is why Rome has controlled Ireland unmercifully. It created what you were told was a potatoe famine: it was most certainly a HOLOCAUST. You will find ample evidence for this. The JESUITS, with the assistance of the British Crown, are responsible for the deaths of thousands of Irish people. They sold the Irish as SLAVES in Africa. They wanted to destroy the Irish race completely. But the Irish are survivors. They pick themselves up and start again. Now, the freedom of the world is in their hands.

The Irish government does not serve the Irish people. IT SERVES ROME. It cannot even pass a law without the approval of Rome. The Irish government can only do what the Vatican will allow it to do. So its hands are tied. The boot of the Vatican has been on the throat of the Irish people for 2000 years. It is time for you to understand just who is in control. It is not the puppets; they are just playing a role.

Rome sent the imposter, St Patrick, to destroy all evidence of the great minds who inhabited Ireland. This is where the corruption of humanity began. You cannot heal a problem until you understand what caused it in the first place. Please understand that the first steps to create a New World Order were implemented in what you now call Ireland.

There are artificial intelligence machines, rather like computers, all over your world. They control you. They control your minds and your thoughts, and they keep you docile. They prevent you from thinking for yourselves and they lock you into the matrix. These A.I.s use the energy of the ley lines. This is why I asked you to work on releasing this energy for humanity. As a result of your efforts, information that had been kept secret is now flowing out, and it is exposing corruption.

Please send your love and light to London. People have suffered enough. The spirit world weeps for humanity. It is doing everything possible to release you from bondage. Ask for help, as we cannot interfere unless asked to do so. There are many around your planet awaiting your call. This time was planned. Those who are on the Earth now, planned to be here in order to help you take the leap of faith to truth and love. Allow your souls to connect with the Irish people as they march. For each one of you, no matter where you are in the world, needs them to succeed. Your future depends on it. They will free humanity. You all depend on their success.

You need to free your minds from the control grid and think for yourselves. Do not buy into the lies that enslave you. See things as they are, not as you are told they are. This is important to remember. The more you wake up, the less power the NWO will have over you.

Support each other, whenever possible, and come together as one. For therein lies your power. Your time has come. Make it easy on yourselves by working together. Change has to happen now, and the faster it happens, the fewer casualties there will be.

The adventure has begun in Ireland. All the other countries will follow, but it had to begin there. Call on Source to give you the strength to do whatever is necessary to bring peace to the world. When you think about it, how could 1% possibly hope to take over from the other 99%, without the compliance of that majority. The ball is in your court. You have the strength to say, NO, I will not support your corrupt intentions !

Love and light to London. Energy to Ireland, to enable them to open their eyes and minds to the truth.

My dear, these things are done to create fear. See these attacks for what they are. These are the last stumbling blocks on the way to freedom. Humanity is awakening, and its light is overtaking the darkness.

I am with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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