Dawn of Divine Rays

This post is not for my families or friends who are ‘religious’. Don’t read this, please!!!

No matter what I’ve said (and will continue to keep on searching for the truth – at least my truth) will not make me stop loving all of you any lesser, or make me think any lesser of all of you – ‘religious sheeps’ – any lesser. This is not meant to by any form of ‘insults’ or ‘disrespect’, or anything that you ‘think’ or ‘feel’ that’s ‘negative’. It’s just pure 3rd dimensional egotistic perception. Can’t accept the ‘truth’ (or my truth) – please stop reading this – thank you very much!!!!

Love is love – it is unconditional – Period!!!!

Not ‘making’ anyone angry .. but the church/temple or any places of worship is all man-made. Who says that receiving the ‘body of christ’ means that you’re receiving christ??? only the church says…

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