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Glorious Feast and Loving by Ronnie Biccard Artist art

ART : Glorious Feast and Loving ~ by Ronnie Biccard Artist 

“Get Ready For The Jubilation” – St. Gerrmain, One Who Serves and Ashira

St. Gerrmain and Ashira channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco
One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on February 15, 2015)

“St. Germain”
This is “St. Germain”. The one known to you as such. It is my great pleasure to be with you once again.

These are indeed, times for jubilation! For so many of the things that we have spoken of in the past are now ready to manifest in your world. And it is not just the treasures and the monetary goodness that everyone has waited for. It is so much more than that. Those in this group who have been working so diligently around the planet as well in this room and in your own private lives have waited for the treasures but you have also invested the time and diligence to work on your own growth and your own preparedness.

The funds that will be released and are, at this present time, being released are meant to be no more than a transition. For so much of what you have been indoctrinated into for thousands of years upon this planet is this concept of “work for money”. Work for those things you need, to be provided for you in this dimension.

What you will be moving into initially will be seeing a freedom for all people upon the planet. Freedom from not having to work for your existence any longer. And in that transition you will be taught and you will come to know that you do work out of service, out of joy. Your work might be writing poetry or it may be doing grand works of artwork. It may be singing songs. It may be teaching children the new ways. Your work will be a service you love and it will not work, it will be joy. That is a huge shift for this planet. For the concept of working for living is no longer going to be appropriate as you move forward in this consciousness shift.

So many things that have been drivers for the economy upon this planet that are pure distractions from what will bring you true joy will also shift. They may not totally go away initially but things such as sporting events, which are no more than evolved gladiator games from the Roman eras, will fall into disfavor. Sporting events have grown into a huge opportunity for those that have been in charge to increase their revenue and to keep you distracted.

Those that have been celebrating the lives of celebrities, those who have lived their lives after others and trying to be like others will discover that this effort gives them no sense of their selves. For empowerment is what we are bringing to you. Self-empowerment and an understanding that everyone will be able to do exactly what they choose to do.

The world will work in a totally different way. And I know there are naysayers who say, “How can this happen?” And yet we bring you the word today to say it IS happening! That is what the celebration is about. While those who have clung to the distractions to keep you from the truth of your own power and to keep you too busy to learn about the world as it should be, as it may be, as it could be, as those are removed and have removed themselves from the picture their energies will no longer be distracting you. And this is what we promised!
You will know how to manifest because it will become a part of your life. Not immediately but not in that long a term either. The money that comes is, yes, to be used for humanitarian purposes however even those are shifting away quickly. For as all upon the planet are gifted and all of that which has been hidden is come to you.

You will know that the New World is going to be exciting and challenging and fun. And the fear will disappear because the energy continues to rise. And fear is only present when one is concerned about their existence, from being harmed, from not having enough and from not having a roof over their heads. All of these things shall disappear.

This has been a very long time in coming. It started to surface several times but did not make it in the dimension in which you live. But no longer is that the situation. Now the Golden Age is in place. You will not go back! Do not pay heed to those messages of scarcity for some period of time or worrying about things. That is old programming. We want to share the Celebration with you! The Jubilee with you! We want you to hold to the pictures of abundance for all. And not just of abundance of money, my friends. Abundance as sands upon the ocean’s shores. Abundance of the rain, of droplets in the lakes and the water. Abundance that you are! YOU ARE!

What you will see as you come to understand true abundance is that those things in this world that have made this world operate will be null and void. They will be gone. The transition will be as smooth as the rain that comes on a Spring morning to wash and to lift all in a higher place of vibration. The instant of understanding will bring an instant understanding of manifestation in truth. Yes, (a member of the group) had a wonderful experience of this yesterday and it is perfect timing to share this with the group today! (The member had a crystal heart manifest for her on Valentine’s Day. She said, “Miracles do happen!”)

All of these things are synchronicities for we have been visiting with all of you this week. We dropped those thoughts into your discussion today that you might touch on these things that are so important to understand.

It is hard to think in your minds that this can all transform in a blink of an eye. Some would say that this is allegorical and really pertains to all of creation and so 50 years would be a blink of an eye but I tell you that is not, that is not what we share. We tell you a blink of an eye because as you are lifted from this role in this world that you have been trained to believe in and even for those who believe that they are awake and aware, those too, even you, will be so surprised how many things are just beneath the surface to be discovered. The beneath the surface is that veil being lifted and the energies flowing at a higher resonance so your frequencies can rise and you can, see, hear, speak things that you do not know at this instant in your chairs.

Yes, I am excited. We are excited. All of these things are coming. They are coming but they’ve already been here. It is that shift in your perception, that shift in your understanding and yes, we know that you feel that you need to see it in your 3D world to really know it but you have been trained in this group that knowing is not as important as believing. And in believing and having this in your heart and your internal being releases you to know and to see it in your world.

We would share again, as the monies that have been promised unfold for you in this world and are in the process of doing so now, that you remember that this is only a transitional period and you as an “Inside Group”, you will know how to continue to lead others upon the path of expectation.

That is my message today. I bid you adieu and I thank you for all of your work, all of that which do. Please know it is your’s to take this message to the world. Take it to heart. My love to you always and forever. “St. Germain”

“One Who Serves”
​​Greetings to you. This is “One Who Serves.”
Good to be here with you in this way and to follow-up on our brother, “St. Germain”, and the wonderful message he has given here this day. And we would add to this now, to focus on letting go of your old programming. That old programming is continuing to hold you here to this 3 D understanding and to keep you from looking out at the vistas in front of you. They are right there! And all you need to do is open up your inner eyes, not so much your outer eyes, but your inner eyes and then your external eyes will perceive what is being shown within yourself.

It is important to allow the process to continue to move through you and to where ever you have the opportunity to let go of the old ways. Let go of the old comfort zone you have become accustomed to. We are not saying that you are not going to be comfortable. You are going to be comfortable way beyond your imagination. As to what “St. Germain” has said as to what is coming. But in order to move through this transition you must first let go of the old ways. You must let go of the old thinking, the old processes that you have become accustomed to. Let go of all of it. Because it is not real. It is only part of the illusion that you have become aware of and comfortable within this illusion.

We tell you now, we are all telling you now, it is done! It is all done. And it is going to manifest very quickly into your 3D understanding so that the eyes can see and the ears can hear. But you, yourselves, those that resonate to these words now you are the ones in the forefront. You are the ones making it happen. You are the ones that are going to assist in this process, in this transition, as those others around you begin to awaken. And as they begin to awaken there you will be to assist them. To help them open the door a little bit more or the window, a little bit more. So more and more light can come through into their awareness.

As “St. Germain” said, the jubilation is right around the corner. It is here. It is coming. We are all ready for the celebration and a celebration it is going to be! It is going to be momentous.

Now would you have questions for “One Who Serves” or “Ashira” or both?

Question: Is it true that 5 million of the Cabal went to the light?

One Who Serves”: My goodness! We knew this question was going to come up. And we welcome this question and we will answer this in our way and Ashira will add to it.

Please understand that as you are focusing in on these types of things, these awareness’s that are presented to you, it is important always to have that idea or that knowing of being discerning, discerning to whatever it is that is coming through.

Now as you listen to this or read about it there are going to be certain things that are going to resonate with you and there will be other things that will not. But there is always that part of you, within you, that is part of the illusion of this 3D realm that is saying, “That cannot possibly be true! How can it be true that so many have left this planet or this 3D realm and yet they are still here in a physical body?”

And we would say to you be open. Be open to whatever is that is coming through. For it is at a different vibration that these things are happening. So we can say yes, truly that this has occurred but it has not occurred in the 3D realm as you understand it. For have we not always said that all that happens in this 3D realm, this illusionary program that you are part of, first happens at the higher levels? So, yes, indeed, those ones have been invited into the light at the higher levels now and it will begin to manifest into the realm that you perceive at this point now.

You see? It is at a consciousness level not a physical level. Do you have anything else to add, “Ashira”?

Ashira”: I think you did a perfectly good job of explaining how this works. I have nothing to add at this moment. Thank you.

One Who Serves”: Very good. Are there other questions here? Then it looks like we are finished for the day.
Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.

Greetings. I am “Ashira”. We did not mean to say that we did not have anything else to add, period, but “One Who Serves” did such a wonderful job explaining the answer to this particular question and I would only add, as he said, that the higher selves of those beings were drawn into the light for their transformation. Still, their physical bodies are still on this planet.

As those bodies of light have been brought to the light, love and light will continue to work on those beings still in this world in the services of the Cabal. These are what would be called the “minions” who are in service; many think that they were doing good in what they were doing. That is what we would add.
We are going to keep this short today. This is a glorious time to be alive. We invite you, as has been said, to continue to look for the good in all that is upon the planet. For moving out of the duality into the unity calls you to be all one. For those who would say you should look for the dark or the negative, we would say no. Call it forth into the light. At this time of the evolution and development those in this room have that power.

Move yourselves ever forward in your choices. To bring light to the dark To see the good in all, in every situation call forth the good from it. Know that all has been in Divine Plan. Now as the next step moves forward on the planet you will see fully how that manifests. For the world and your part that has been a part of it.

I send you love. I send you peace. I give you Namaste, for this day!

Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco
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Glorious Feast and Loving by Ronnie Biccard Artist art