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The crisis that is being deliberately created in your world is also exposing those who do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. There is no mistaking now, who is in the pay of the dark cabal. They are demanding war. I did tell you in the past that the cabal cannot exist without war. You can now plainly see how desperate they are, as they rush from one country to another, pleading for war.

Now that you are awake, you can see exactly what is happening. This scares them, as they have not had to deal with such dissent before. They do not just want war; they need war. But the innocent people of the Ukraine do not deserve what is being visited upon them. They need your support. It is Ukraine, today: it could be you, tomorrow !

The cabal wants to cull the population. They will show no mercy. They want to bring their plans to a conclusion with their New World Order, at any cost. You, mere humans, are in the way. So they want to dispose of you. I implore you, do not kill your own species to enable this cabal to take over Planet Earth. As I have pointed out many times before, they cannot do it without your assistance. This is a critical time for you. Decisions must be made: do you do nothing and wait to be culled, or do you make a stand and support your fellow man. There is no fence to sit on. The time has come for action. You were warned, over and over again, that this time was coming. Now, it is upon you, so serious decisions must be made. You have heard the LIES of the cabal throughout history. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that NEVER EXISTED: but you fell for it.

Those who stand for TRUTH in this situation, deserve your respect. Do not watch their LIES on television or in the newspapers. You KNOW the truth which makes their lies look so pathetic. The planet and humanity need your support. You are many, they are few. Look deeply into their faces as they speak in front of the camera; it is so obvious that they are LYING. Such lies cannot be hidden in the light. Their paymasters do not like the delay, for they do not tolerate failure. So the pathetic puppets are very worried indeed . . . and so they should be !

Do not give your consent to World War III. Nor to the invasion of other countries, no matter what you are told. The cabal cannot do it without your consent. This one FACT, puts all of you in a position of power. This information was kept hidden from you until now. When you vote, you give your power to another person, to act on your behalf. You must now withdraw that power. Believe in yourselves and take back your power from the puppets of the cabal. The sooner you come together, and refuse to kill or invade other countries, the sooner peace will prevail and life on Earth will become a joy, rather than a trial of strength and a struggle to survive. When you LAUGH at the LIES of the puppets, they will know that their game is up. The survival of humanity and Planet Earth is in your hands.

In the past, you have managed to turn a blind eye to so much corruption, pedophilia, and unlawful killing, etc. The abuse of little children continued, because good men failed to protect them. You know enough now, to enable you to expose such behaviour. It is time for change. You are the people designated to bring this change about, and it will be easier than you expect.

My dear wife had another severe psychic attack as she got up this morning. It drained her energy and her eyes are very painful. This particular form of attack happens almost every day, but she continues her work. There is also a plan for her to have an “accident”. Should such an incident occur, then know without doubt, that it was not an accident. The cabal really does not want you to wake up and see what they are up to. They will stop at nothing to hold on to power and continue to enjoy the fruits of your labour. They have removed all the joy from living a life on Earth. But you will come through this terrible time.

It is all coming to a head. The cabal wants a war in the Ukraine. SO THEY NEED YOU TO GIVE IT TO THEM.

Send love and light to all the people and countries that suffer at the hands of the cabal. Their chemtrails have become even more lethal, especially in America. They are killing you, every day. You may think you are falling ill;when in fact, you are being killed off. This is how bad it is. Please wake up !

Reach out to each other, and help when needed. Be ready to stand together for light and truth. Use the power of meditation, or use your thoughts, to bring about the changes necessary for humanity to step into the light. Ask for help. We, and your friends from other planets, cannot intervene unless we are invited.

It would have been my birthday, yesterday, had I survived. Veronica felt sad without me on such a day. I hold the memories of the wonderful birthdays she gave me when I was on Earth.

It is a time of great change. Each one of you, chose to be on Earth at this time, to bring about all these changes. Both sides of life will celebrate when peace and harmony are restored.

My love is with you always. Your adoring, Monty.

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