Angel 4 Light

Urgent Message for the Ground Crew for Feb. 2

Update: Feb. 3, 2015 8:24 am: I had already gone to bed when I wrote this, but Alexandra’s message deserves some prettying  up so I’m adding graphics. It most certainly deserved her photo but iPad doesn’t cooperate in that regard. I was excited to read this and it took awhile to get to sleep.  Who needs sleep?!  Let’s do this! I reminded myself to remain calm, neither too up or down, and listened to Tom Kenyon. It was putting me to sleep, but not for long.

Something must be going on because Mica was a wild and crazy guy for the past several days, but yesterday he was notably mellow and well-behaved. It had to be the energies, which may have felt like the image above, to some. I think he’s our “Micometer”.  And you know what else popped into…

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