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ART : Ina Lukauskaite 

MAYAN  MESSAGE           DAY  134

Ix  4              Release Time Constraints

I am Ix 4. Thank you for taking time to join with us today. We are happy and grateful to be working closely with you. There are many changes occurring on the Earth and it is grand to be a part of the awakening process. Many of you are feeling a quickening, as though there is no time to get things done, wondering where the hours went at the close of your day.

There is a shattering of time as you begin to ascend to higher frequencies of vibration. Time, as you know it on Earth, is a linear idea that was created in order to allow the fabric of this universe to be woven together. In your world of polarity, there are opposites, such as here and there and now and then. In our Dimension, there is somewhat of a reference to time, but it is much looser than what you experience on Earth.

In our Dimension, we can move through time by instantly transporting ourselves from one sector of the universe to another. It is hard to describe in words unless you have experienced these time warps. The closest that most of you can come to understanding this is when you sleep for eight hours. When you awaken, it feels like only a few minutes have passed.

Time is relative to your interest in an activity, as well. All of you have experienced performing a chore that you disliked and it seemed to take forever. Yet, when you spent the same amount of time involved in a task that was of high interest, you exclaimed, “Where did the time go?”

Each of you has within you the ability to warp time so it benefits you, without harming anyone else. This happens often with people who focus on always catching the green lights while driving through town. It is not that the lights change their timing, nor does the light consciously stay green until the driver passes through. What happens is the driver taps into the rhythm of the lights and paces his speed so he becomes in sync with the lights when they are green.

Many of you cannot wear watches, for they either stop or lose their ability to maintain correct time. What often happens is that the person has created a belief code that they no longer wish to be controlled by the need to adhere to society’s rule, “You have to be here on time.” When a person chooses to follow his intuition and allows himself to flow with what is happening around him, this belief code creates a higher frequency of love, which is the flow. What happens is that clocks and watches are jangled by this frequency and will not work properly.

Have you noticed how those who live this way always seem to show up at places at the perfect time? Often, they end up at places unexpectedly, yet right on time. Because they chose not to let their watch rule their life, they were able to have wonderful experiences, often something much better than what was originally planned.

Following your intuition and gut feelings is your inner guidance leading you to experiences what you have set up through your prayers and requests. Hone your ability to recognize these pulls. Watch for synchronicities that occur when you release the constraints you place on your time and allow yourself to go with the flow. You will find yourself drawn to places you didn’t plan to go. Follow these hunches and see what unfolds. Learn to observe what is happening around you and speak up, as needed, when you overhear a conversation or see a notice on a board that resonates with you. Often, it is us leading you to clues to follow on your chosen Path. Many of these signs are overlooked when you keep your eyes focused on your watch!

Selamet!  Ix 4