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140411_kp_mauna_kea_P1010046_150_36I don’t get into all of these calendar-year’s end holidays. They’re just a series of days which are filled with something that I do not attune to. “Shop shop shop”… “Be sure to get the perfect gift for…” “Happy New Years”. And so on.

What about “Happy (Joy-filled) ‘This Moment'”?

Right now, and in all of Hawai’i, until about 1-2 AM, there are bombs and fireworks, and loud noises, and it goes on from about 5 PM until 1-2 AM. I’m not in tune with the blasting noises that go on for hours. Right now, my windows are closed, door is closed, and I’ve been listening to music and videos and shows with headphones on. And I can still hear the noise.

One day, humanity will realize that this moment is all there is, and all this once-a-year “Happy Happy” stuff is a fabricated illusion.

And they’ll realize that the…

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