Forever Unlimited

Ready to go down the rabbit hole with David Wilcock?
David talks about the history of the Cabal, what is occurring now on the planet, what is expected to occur in the very near future, coming false flag attempts as the Cabal fights for survival, the truth about humanity, governments and higher dimensional beings, and the connection between many ET races and humans. He also explains how Obama’s planned Disclosure Announcement in 2009 was thwarted by the Cabal. Fascinating interview not to be missed! -PB

Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure!
by David Wilcock | Divine Cosmos

David is interviewed by Jimmy Church 75 minutes (Don’t miss it!)


The reason I seem to be getting, by combining all the data in these very highly intense dreams with the equally intense insider data, is “something big is about to happen.”

And by “something big,” I…

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