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yellow_rose_4Okay, something is happening, apparently, with what we view as “The Sun”. As I’m trying to understand this, what YRFT (Yellow Rose For Texas) (and OM, etc.) is saying is that the sun that we see is essentially a “firewall” (wall of fire) which hides the “ED” (numbers editor), which “is a super computer that hides behind the visible sun. essentially ED function is to alter time so that we remain stuck in a time loop.” (see this previous post).

As I view this, the “ED” (super computer, game controller) is “breaking down”, namely, the veil (curtain) is being drawn back, so we will finally (when?) see the “ED” (editor) of our “reality”, which is really an illusion.

Is this like Toto drawing back the curtain on the controller of “The Wizard of Oz”?

The videos here indicate that some type of arcing (short circuiting?) is going on with…

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