The Bridge To Freedom

Yesterday evening, around 7 pm, I was writing a post about the 12/12 portal when I felt the familiar sensation of movement and goosebumps in the center of my shoulders. I messaged Eddie and said, “Oh boy, somebody wants to talk to me.” And they did. For an hour! Wow.

Even though I knew who it was, I started off by asking, “Who is here?” And the response was, “Sanat Kumara.”

Me: Haha, thought so!

SK: Hello, Rain Love. Blessings!

Me: Do you want to talk about the 12/12?

SK: Oh yes!

Me: I’m listening, Sanat, and thank you for being here. I love you!

SK: I love you too.

Me: What do you want to say about the 12/12? (After I asked that I got the impression that there was going to be a big celebration on the ships that night. A party!)

SK: You have all done so…

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