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Bradley has shared that this will be the last article from him on this subject. I’m releasing it today so you can read and study it as it feels right to you to do so. Your comments — so very genuine, are important to us all. Please do not hesitate to share. . . Love and hugs to everyone, ~Jean

For those of you who like “images” and also like BIBLICAL REVELATION – Here is an “image” for you to consider. A gigantic wild and evil beast with many heads that is breathing fire and is being ridden by SATAN himself! If you can understand that this “allegorical beast” is the beast of the title of this piece – then I guess, my friends, we really are living in the times of Revelation!

I say that because that beast is here and that beast is NOW! The four heads of this fire breathing beast are: THE CHURCH – THE MILITARY – THE MOB – and ALL THE CORPORATE GOVERNMENTS.

For even more “imagery” – the large smashing tail that wrecks everything in it’s sight is the Scientific Community and the Educational Community which over the past 100 years has only served to destroy our lives and our civilization by creating nothing but machines of WAR and the literal dumbing down of the adult population to the level of 12 year olds!

(See Youtube videos of JayWalking with Jay Leno to prove my point)

Lastly – the part of the beast where the “fecal matter” comes out – is nothing other than the MEDIA! Yes, I can conclusively say that the butt hole of this huge beast – that craps all over our understanding of TRUTH is nothing other than the MEDIA!

(Oh and all of those human beings who work for the corporate media – they help to make up this one giant – “you know what!”)

Riding on top of this ALLEGORICAL beast are the SATANIC and LUCIFEREAN worshipping “Dark Occult Magicians” who care only for death – blood – and ritual sacrifice.

For Money – Fame – Position – Power – and Lust, they have gladly sold out the rest of us (you and me) – since they consider anyone who is not part of their group, useless.

How’s THAT for some images that even THE BIBLE seems to have missed!

Sadly, this is NOT just my opinion, friends, but is it fact? You decide!

I hope many of you took the time to watch the 7 hour long video that was done by Kay Griggs which can be found here –

Because if you did NOT do your homework, then much of what I say will not make sense here!

If you did NOT do your homework, however, you are in luck – I will only be talking about the first hour and a half of her video today! (which gives you plenty of time to go back and watch the whole thing)

In the first hour (or so) of this important video, she talks about how Army Intelligence is basically working DIRECTLY with the MOB! She describes how her husband Colonel George Griggs, as a very well connected and powerful Marine Colonel, was part of a very large group of military men who were heavily into assassinations, drug running, arms and weapons sales, and the cultivating of hundreds of secret groups (usually boys) that went around the world picking fights and starting wars in order to further the sales of guns and weapons to both sides. (She names dozens and dozens of names here – all of which can be cross-referenced).

In the first hour, she describes the “sexual deviancy” of this group of men, most of whom are/were homosexuals and “seemed” to have been answerable to no one. She talked about the Generals – the Politicians – and the powerful players who were all working towards this goal of deception and depravity as if it was “just the way things were” – and that as a military wife, she was told that she just needed to grow up!
She described them as: FREEMASONS – but also very connected to the Military.

She ALSO talked about a certain “special group” that was very well connected to this larger group that was located in COLORADO!

It was an “experimental group” that was being run out of Army Intelligence and Montauk (MK-ULTRA) that dealt specifically with ADULT and CHILD SEX! (Where have we seen this before? See my last Article)

At about 1 hour into the video she very briefly mentions how “that group” was being overseen by the ISRAELIS – And that it was also being over seen by psychologists at both Harvard and Yale! The Jon Benet Ramsey Murder was also briefly mentioned as well!


I watched a video interview once of a very candid Catholic Priest – (sorry you will have to look for that one yourselves – since I did not find it ) – where he basically said to a younger journalist who seemed to be quite NAIVE’ that in “Italy” there really was NO DIFFERENCE between the Government – The Vatican – and The Mob! He contended that at the very core, they were — and are — one and the same thing!

I almost fell out of my chair when he said this, but he was being very candid and very truthful to this reporter who seemed to be having trouble understanding how things could be happening in Italy in the way that they were.

In another moment of honest “revelation” it has been said that when Bobby Kennedy first approached J. Edgar Hoover (former head of the FBI) and told him that he wanted to “clean up the mob” – Hoover laughed at him and told him he was NUTS because the US Government “DID BUSINESS” with the MOB! They were partners!

In other words – there was going to be “no cleaning up of anything”!

For those of you who have followed, or understand history, you will realize that there was an epic battle between RFK – and HOOVER over who was actually who’s boss – and in the short term, Bobby won that battle – but gave up his life in the long term when he was assassinated by those very same – Church – Mob – Military – and Government individuals, who all serve the same MASTER!

Getting back to the last piece I wrote concerning the Religious Cult known as: THE CHILDREN OF GOD – which then changed their name to THE FAMILY – It was the leader of this organization’s sincere belief that “sex with children” was not only proper but it was very desirable – AND GET THIS ——JESUS THOUGHT SO TOO!

See this link to some of Bergs writings and drawings!

Berg on Pedophilia (xFamily.org)

Here is different article written from the standpoint that THE FAMILY was literally nothing more than a cult!

Christianity, Promiscuity and Pedophilia Inside ‘The Family’ Cult (crimelibrary.com)

There is a much larger point to all of this that I am going to make here and even though this is “speculation” it seems quite valid given what we know was happening within the Military – Army Intelligence – and that “special” COLORADO GROUP.

We know that the ’60s and the ’70s were a time of great sexual promiscuity. We also know (by now) that the MILITARY was “time traveling” future information and future data back from the year 2000 and beyond as described by both Andy Basiago – and by Alfred Lambremont Webre. Needless to say that Montauk would have easily gotten hold of all of this information as well as both Harvard and Yale!

It is “my contention” that this ALLEGORICAL four-headed beast – badly wanted – and still does want – to NORMALIZE SEX WITH YOUNG CHILDREN in our society!

I think that the CHILDREN OF GOD GROUP was also an experimental group that was possibly controlled at some level by those who were interested in “studying” the outcome of what would happen if young children (both boys and girls) were both allowed and encouraged to have daily sex with adult participants.

You see, this is the type of information that I believe that “SPECIAL GROUP” Kay Griggs mentioned which was located in Colorado – the one that Jon Benet Ramsey’s parents belonged to – was seeking to gain!

Not only that, but it was being both managed and overseen at the highest levels of the Military!

It was being studied by psychologists from both Harvard and Yale — and overseen by the Israelis and Army Intelligence! Are you kidding me? This sounds like a TOP PRIORITY MISSION to me – what about you?

My belief is that this “study” in Colorado, and most likely the Children of God Religious Organization — and all the other groups like it that we don’t even know about yet — were probably trying to find out this:

IS THERE A WAY TO NORMALIZE ADULT-CHILD SEX and then make it seem okay in every day daily life within the larger social and societal structure that they (they as in the NEW WORLD ORDER) are seeking to “mold” for us in the near future.

Who, but they, would want to know this? The NEW WORLD ORDER would certainly be interested in knowing how and by what process this type of behavior could be both NORMALIZED and then made acceptable to human beings!

Since this type of deviancy is what they are all about anyway – what they are looking for here is a type of MENTAL PROGRAMMING that would be accepted both by the children — and the adults — so that they could then apply this knowledge to the masses around the world through Education — Television — and the various Churches that would literally bring this part of their AGENDA out of the closet for good.

Here is a link to an article that describes “another” Christian Group located in Washington, DC – who sees “JESUS” in a whole other way than you an I do – and guess what – IT ALSO IS KNOWN AS — THE FAMILY! (Is this just an accident?)

Sex and power inside “the C Street House” (Salon.com)

So then — What do I mean OUT OF THE CLOSET FOR GOOD?

I mean that almost ALL OF THE ELITES who run our world are in fact – for the most part – practicing PEDOPHILES – and that this one thing above all is else is what they crave! (For many reasons)

It may surprise you to know that a CIA Asset told me personally that the USA has a secret “FARM” where young boys and girls of various ages are kept “specifically” so that they could always be available for use as sexual partners for both visiting politicians — government officials and high level ambassadors of other nations.

If you’ve read the book by Kathy O’Brian called: THE TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA, in which she describes in detail how both MK-ULTRA and MONTAUK were involved in the MIND CONTROL of both her and her young daughter, who was then used for sex by very high level officials in the US Government, you may now know only a small part of the total story!

I would most likely assume that any and all of those young children being kept at this special “FARM” would most likely be under MIND CONTROL as well.

There is a larger point here, and it is that these visiting ambassadors — these so-called officials — and military leaders or other such dignitaries of foreign countries are AFFORDED the “perk” by the US Government (if they so choose) of having a young boy or young girl delivered to whereever they are staying so they can engage in adult/child sex!

THIS IS HOW BUSINESS IS DONE! This is what the Asset told me!
I was horrified! It was said with such a casual tone, it knocked me for a loop!

He said that usually with heavy negotiations, or the signing of major treaties or the signing of major business contracts — the participating parties are “wined and dined” and then given ANYTHING they want to help grease the wheels to get that treaty signed! Even kids if they want them.

Not only that, but he said that EVERY COUNTRY in the world was doing this very same thing! Every major world government had a “place” where they kept a crop of young kids who were ONLY there so that they could be offered up as a sexual pastime for traveling dignitaries and ELITES.

What does this kind of information tell you?

It tells me that many, many of these so-called Business Elites are into this type of sexual deviancy. In addition, this information can also provide us with a real purpose, or a reason for the “four headed beast” to try to see IF IT COULD BE NORMALIZED AND BROUGHT OUT INTO THE OPEN EVENTUALLY.

Thus – we come full circle back to the studies being done by Army Intelligence – Harvard and Yale as told to us by KAY GRIGGS!

Not only is this behavior rampant all throughout the Government, The Church and the Military, this type of behavior is also RAMPANT all throughout Hollywood, almost ALL OF WHICH is controlled by: you guessed it – ISREAL!

This has come out recently where a former child actor: COREY FELDMAN said  this was Hollywoods BIGGEST SECRET – CHILD SEX!

What does David Icke say about Isreal? It is the fiefdom of the Rothschilds! Didn’t Jean just run an article laced with pictures from only one of the strange and Satanic Parties in the early ’70s participated in by some of the world’s Elites?

I guess here is where we can now “safely” conclude just WHERE the NEW WOLRD ORDER most likely wants to take us “if” they ever get to manifest their desired “police state”.

As if this isn’t enough – According to Kevin Annett and all of his work, which can be found at:


It is the Mafia, the Mob, or Crime Syndicate called Ndrangheta which “acquires” and then supplies an endless helping of “children” for all of the church’s SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICES performed in their underground places of “worship”.

But according to THIS video that was run by Jean a day or so ago, the Movie Actors and Music Artists are also ritualistically sacrificing young babies in Hollywood in order to “pay Satan for their success”!

I wonder who it is that is “supplying” those babies? Once again, it is most like the Mafia, or Ndrangheta making money off of this unique “business venture”! And, isn’t it interesting that it ALWAYS GOES BACK to the Illuminati, Satan Worship, Lucifereans, Secret Societies, or simply the FREEMASONS that want to control the ENTIRE WORLD?

Here’s the long and the short of it! They are going to “manifest” what it is that they want as our collective “REALITY” unless WE THE PEOPLE say NO TO IT!

Unless we say that we do NOT CONSENT to all of this – then we are complicit in its creation by not going on record and saying that is NOT WHAT WE WANT!

Oh- and by the way – how can we say no to it if we don’t even know that it is happening?


link to Source… http://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/12/09/