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Faeries are part of the fae group of Earth elementals. Each elemental is different but today we are talking solely about faeries. The supposed winged tiny friendly spirits that live in the woods and around homes. Truth is, not every fairy is winged and not every perceived fairy is actually a fairy but a sprite, elf or pixie from the Earth elemental subgroup. They can be tall, short, winged, non-winged, nasty or nice. They have their own personalities but work the same as those within their subgroup so it’s easy to spot which subgroup they belong to once you encounter others of a similar look.

The four elemental groups are as follows : Earth Spirits (pan, faery, elf, pixie, gnome, brownie, sprite), Air Spirit (sylph, fairy), Fire Spirits (Salamander, dragon, furies), Water Spirits (mermaids, undines, sirens). They live between worlds. Water Spirits however only live in the ether but their…

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