2012: What's the 'real' truth?

From a young age we are taught to believe in a false reality. We are born onto this holographic stage (GAIA) also known as Earth, to be part of the great theatre, where you are an actor/actress in this “game” of life being played.

By default – you are also BEING “played” in the game of “Fiction”!

They have many words to describe the fiction, and “you” as a player are defined (according to US CODE) as many things like: a Person, a Corporation, a Trust, a Stock and my personal favorite – an Animal!

We are spoon fed a false narrative throughout our young lives from their official playbook of untruths, thus maturing all of us into a “Reality” that is wholly based on preconceived, and prearranged programming within a preset construct that offers and achieves (far from true reality) an illusionary based reality!

We are taught to obey…

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