If this is your last lifetime, how do you want to live?


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July 15, 2014

A message for Old Souls…

  • Do you feel like you came into this world – then wanted nothing more than to get the hell out again?!
  • Is the desire to hide under a blanket (or lie under a tree / in a hammock / on a beach) far greater than your desire to get out there and show the world what you’ve got – even if it means missing out on your biggest dreams?


I know how it feels – I’m an Old Soul and until only three or four years ago, I really struggled to be here.

Life can be intimidating when you’re super-sensitive and burned out on a soul level from all the lifetimes you’ve been through.

It can feel like a momentous effort to even just be here on Earth and handle the basics of life – let alone get visible, prosperous and successful with your spiritual gifts (which you’ve been killed for over and over again in past lives).

It takes an immense amount of guts and determination to decide that you’re not just going to exist on Earth in this lifetime, but you’re going to LIVE.

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1 thought on “If this is your last lifetime, how do you want to live?”

  1. Ascension Angel said:

    Reblogged this on Ascension Angels and commented:
    Thank you SweetWillowMan for giving us Old Souls a simple inspiring message (what you have posted here… before the rest of the author’s story goes into a sales pitch… 😉


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