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(NaturalNews) The age of human delusion is rapidly coming to an end. A civilization that has deluded itself into believing so many of its own lies on pivotal issues — agriculture, fossil fuels, economics, finance, water supply, food, pharmaceuticals and more — sooner or later runs headfirst into reality. All the theatrics of the era fade into history as the day of reckoning arrives, and the self-deluded masses wake up bewildered and disoriented, not understanding why the fabricated world they always believed was real has suddenly vanished, leaving them starving and destitute.

Buoyed by the conveniences of the industrial age (and then the information age), humanity has grown weak and shortsighted. A species that arrogantly believes it has conquered the world through “science” and “industry” actually stands on the verge of being destroyed by its own creations. These include: >>> to read more, visit here. >>>  http://www.naturalnews.com/045991_age_of_delusion_spiritual_awakening_mental_practice.html