The New Divine Humanity


Your Immortal Body of Light is eternal and ever-present within your Heart space and awareness. When you incarnated into a form, your form, was created through the template of  your immortal body of Light, which acted as the image screen, for the form creation.

Your Soul carries the codes of Light that hold together, like a matrix, your records of the existences created throughout time and space as your experiences, in different forms.

Holding this all together, is your consciousness, that holds the essence and presence of your eternal Immortal body of Light. This is your template. Your Blueprint. This matrix is the container within the holographic field of All experience, of All That is.

You are experiencing constant communication with your Soul through this holographic field, your matrix, your template.  This forms a feedback loop, of communication. A Möbius strip, an endless feedback loop.

Your level of conscious awareness through the…

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