Forever Unlimited

Inner Unification and the Revolution of Oneness on the Inner Planes
Celestial Vision | D.L. Zeta

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014 at 11:20PM by Celestial Vision

Spiritual teachers, healers and shamans of the new time dream deep into the waters of all-time to awaken sleeping memories that teach us the stories of the new earth. These stories of future time planes are encoded into the DNA of those who incarnated here at this time to help shift the earth to awakened timelines. In order to activate these codes, soul travelers to this timeframe seeded frequencies designed to trigger awakening of deeper potentials that exist beyond the third dimension.

These frequencies guide awakening souls through rites of passage that allow them to peel away third-dimensional veneers that obstruct their ability to gaze deeply into the energetic maze of what we think of as time. Venturing into this maze, we are…

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